With the summer coming to an end and a new season right around the corner, you may have already glanced in a mirror and noticed that your hair is not quite how you left it at the beginning of summer. With kids being out of school and pool days being the norm over the last few months, your hair is probably lacking it’s lustrous look and feel. Perhaps it is grown out, feeling dull and your scalp may even be more oily or dryer than usual. Now that the summer is over, you need to get ready to transition over to a new season. Start by taking care of your hair with these tips.


beautiful-brunette-girl-face_htegww_ahj7 Tips for Taking Care of Your Hair

  1. Supplements: There are tons of supplements out there which help maintain your healthy hair and scalp. Stick with formulas made for hair, skin, and nails that contain biotin, silica, vitamins B, C, and E, iron, and omega-3.
  2. Diet: We’ve heard it 100 times, but we are what we eat. If your hair is feeling dry or dull, up the omega-3 and proteins.
  3. Exfoliate: Your scalp is not unlike any other skin on your body. It needs exfoliation, too. Experts suggest adding a few tablespoons of sugar to your shampoo, massaging with your fingertips in order to gently exfoliate the hair follicle and slough away any dead skin cells.
  4. Let Your Hair Breathe: Try not to wear your hair in a ponytail for long hours. If you do, take it out while you are sleeping and let your scalp and hair breathe!
  5. Get a Massage: The second layer of your scalp is the connective tissue layer, which houses blood vessels and nerves. A great scalp massage will help to increase circulation, resulting in a healthier scalp and hair.
  6. Shampoo and Conditioner: Invest in a gentle line of shampoo and conditioner. A great shampoo and conditioner will moisturize and help to reduce breakage and may even help to reverse damaged hair.
  7. Nurturing Hair Care Products: You can’t’ just use any hair care products and expect your hair to maintain a healthy shine and bounce. Using products made natural ingredients and alcohol free. is the best choice for your hair. white-sands

Having the right styling products for your hair is important when properly taking care of your hair and scalp. White Sands Gel-Us ($15.40) is not just your average gel. This lightweight yet firm, flexible styling aid works synergistically in styling and conditioning. White Sands Gel-Us locks-in moisture, so each cuticle layer is closed to eliminate frizz and improve texture. Alcohol-free, it will not dry out the hair or flake when brushed through. Offering a long-lasting hold with the ability to repel moisture and humidity, Gel-Us also excels as a natural curl definer.

What are your tips for taking care of your hair?