Tips On Buying Men’s Underwear
My husband announced he needed new underwear and he wants me to buy them.  He had mentioned he may want to change the type of underwear he currently has to something different.  Of course, I am not an expert on men’s underwear by any stretch of the imagination, but I said I would try.  Once I started researching the different styles, fabrics, waist bands and other key issues, I was getting a bit confused.  Ironically, my daughter is in the same boat as I am and she asked me if I knew what to buy for her man.  Why everyone thinks I know all there is about men’s underwear is beyond me!  So, it was to Mr. Google for advice, and maybe he will tell me what style he wears most!

Tips On Buying Men’s Underwear

  • Size: Typically you will find the standard measurements the recommend size small for waists between 28 to 30 inches, a medium waistline is 32 to 34 inches and the large size is usually between 36 to 38 waistlines.
  • Fabric: Men’s underwear comes in the more commonly known materials such as Lycra, cotton, spandex, silk, and nylon and can also be made in organic cotton and bamboo. You do need to ask if your man has any allergies to materials like nylon or Lycra.
  •  Climate: If you live in a warmer climate, your man may prefer cotton underwear but in cooler weather, he may like a wool blend, flannel or Lycra.
  •  Styles:
  •  Briefs: Most briefs have a pretty thick elastic waistband that sits at the waist, a Y-shaped front fly, between 4-5 inches of fabric for the front and full coverage on the bum. You can also find a mid-rise brief works better as they sit about 2 inches below the waist.  You can also choose a low-rise brief which comes about 3 inches below the waist.
  •  Boxers: These are the loosest and are shaped much like shorts that have a straight-cut leg opening and cover part of the thighs and the bum. You can find them anywhere from 8 to 16 inches in length and they have an open front fly.
  • Boxer Briefs: This style is between a boxer and brief. They are cut like tapered boxers, but fit snugly like briefs. Boxer briefs are popular for their coverage as well as support that boxers do not offer. These are great to wear under tighter pants and while playing sports.
  • Thongs:  Um,…I am just going to say thong and leave the rest of the description to you
  • Brand: Some men are very loyal to one brand while others okay the field.  Most men who I spoke to said once they find a brand they like, they typically don’t stray.  That is not to say they won’t switch, but they are loyal until convinced otherwise!  I recently was introduced to a brand that I must say have some very nice underpants for men!!  This little treasure of a company is that of Flint and Tinder.

Choosing Comfortable Underwear

The one goal I had in mind for my husband was choosing comfortable underwear.  He said he wasn’t as worried about the brand as much as he was about the comfort.  He trusted me to find a company that had a solid reputation for making a line of men’s underwear that was well-made, fit well and was comfortable.  One thing I really loved about Flint and Tinder is they offer you a Perfect Fit Guarantee so if I were to buy my husband underwear that didn’t fit; they would refund my money immediately.  That made me feel so much better knowing they offered this service.  The other thing that I love is that Flint and Tinder offers you just about every style, in several colors and fabrics so you are sure to find something you love.  I was sent one pair each of the Boxer Briefs ($21.95), the Briefs ($21.95) and the Limited Edition Woven Boxers ($24.95).  Both the boxers and boxer briefs are very soft, the stitching is nice and tight and the fit is immaculate.  My husband ended up liking both styles because he liked the choice he had in the fit.  He is not one for boxers so I have a very nice and soft pair of pajama bottoms now!

Readers will receive a 20% discount for the duration of the contest.  Just use the code “Makobi” at checkout.

Two readers will each win a $50 gift certificate to be used at Flint and Tinder



  1. I find great appeal in the Flint Tinder products and company. I like the boxer briefs that are shown as they look very comfortable and are eye-appealing (attractive). I believe that the
    description given for each type of men’s undergarment is very educational. Many mothers
    of sons would probably find this information very helpful when purchasing for the males in
    the family. And, to top off everything Flint Tinder’s products are MADE IN AMERICA!!!!

  2. Actually – I’m kind of in charge of buying ALL of my Honey/Hubby’s clothing – except for SHOES!

    He really needs new underwear (since I usually do the laundry – I notice when his socks and undies are on the verge of disintegrating… so I KNOW he needs 10-12 new pairs of BOXERS – but I also know he’s love that:

  3. I like the trunk briefs, now ifny I can only find a guy who will have the buns ta fill it out. No? Not included? well then I guess the regualar briefs, the guy I got is a might particualr about his unders, and he’s sweet but he don’t have the buns for the trunks

  4. My husband is always looking for well cushioned socks,so I would like to try the Explorer Socks. The Boxer Briefs would be my next choice.

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