Save Money By Keeping Produce Fresh Longer

With me in school and my husband going from full time to part time, we are going to need to tighten the purse strings. We have had a working budget in place for a long time now, but with this sudden reduction in money, we had to rework it.  With a family of four, two of whom are healthy growing kids, we spend a good chunk of our budget on food.  Now more than ever it is critically important that I find some ways to save at the grocery store.  Here are some great tips for cutting costs on your food budget without eating beans and rice every night:

  • Take Stock:Before you plan your shopping trip  you need to take inventory of what you have at home.  Make a list the is categorized by food type to make it easier to follow.
  • Menu:Before you head out the door, you have one more job and that is to make a menu, preferable for the month rather than the week.  Try to create dishes that will include items you already have to save money on your upcoming trip.
  • Coupons:Make it a habit to clip coupons and to look over the sales flyers at the local groceries.  You don’t have to be an extreme coupon expert to save on your grocery bill!  Warning!  Do not clip coupons for the same of clipping coupons!  If you don’t use an item, don’t clip the coupon.
  • Substitute:Try to cut out the protein from at least 2 meals per week and replace it with beans, eggs, legumes, etc.
  • Buy Fresh:When you can, buy fresh produce in season because it is healthier and less expensive than when it is out of season.  If you want a food that is a favorite that is only around a few months a year, head to the frozen food section.  The quality is much better than it used to be and you are opening up more choices.  If you are able to buy fresh fruits and veggies, you need to get the most of them by extending their life.  With the BluApple, you can keep them fresher longer, and therefore saving money on your food bill.

Save Money By Keeping Produce Fresh Longer

As much as my family loves eating fresh produce, we are bad about not eating it all before it goes bad.  An example is cherry or grape tomatoes, which I love for salads and snacking.  Because they come in the little container, you can’t get a smaller amount.  I can’t eat them fast enough before they go bad and at more than $3 per container, that is a huge waste.  According to a USDA study, the average family wastes more than $600 per year in wasted food, and if they buy organic, the cost is more. With this information, it is vitally important families find a way to save money by keeping produce fresh longer.  When my BluApple arrives, I was ready to put it to the test because my husband had said he was done buying produce if I was going to waste it.  The BluApple system, when paired with the correct storage, can extend the life of your produce by up to 3 times than without it.  First you need to find out of your produce should be stored with or without refrigeration, as this impacts the flavor and life of you produce greatly.  Fresh produce gives off Ethylene gas naturally to to coordinate uniform ripening.  Once that gas is concentrated in your fridge, it makes the food spoil because the ripening speeds up.  The BluApple absorbs that gas for up to 3 months, therefore saving it from spoiling so easily.  I love that the BluApple is literally as easy to use as opening the package and placing it in the crisper!  I just need to remember to replace the little guy when its 3 months is up!  You can buy the BluApple on their website, Amazon and other specialty stores for $9.95 for a pack of two as well as a year’s supply of refills for the same cost.

Two readers will win a 3 pack of the BluApple ($9.95)


  1. I like blue apple, it asks for favorite but that is all there is on the site

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  2. I love the Bluapple and the refills are great. I can’t believe how fast fruit goes bad. Thank you for the cool giveaway! 🙂

  3. Blu Apple & Full Year Refill Kits are the only products I saw – but given what the Blu Apple “system” does – what more can I ask? Sounds fabulous – I can’t wait to try it!

  4. The blue apple plus refills. We have a Bearded Dragon and have to keep fresh veggies on hand for him and for the crickets. Would love to win this! Thanks so much for the giveaway.

  5. The Blue pple is the only one I could find, but I am crossing my fingers for this one..our veggies always seem to go bad before we get a chance to eat them

  6. BluApple looks like a great product, I hate throwing out produce because I waited too long to use it or it just has withered faster than expected!

  7. This would be an awesome thing to have… we buy a TON of fresh produce, but I only like to make the trip to the store once a week if I can help it…and the lettuces never seem to stay nice…we’ve started using spinach instead, which is great…but a little radicchio is nice now and again 🙂

    • I eat a lot of salads so the BluApple would come in handy. I wouldn’t have to throw away any of my vegetables, especially my radishes and cucumbers!

  8. I think the BluApple is all they make but it would be fin if they had other fruit shapes and colors.

  9. They only have the 1 product, so I’d say I really like that these save so much money in produce.

  10. I would love to have the bluapple and the 12 month refill kit. Throwing our produce is our biggest grocery waste and expense. I have not heard of this product but would love to try it.

  11. I really like that the Blue Apple keeps your produce from spoiling for longer; reducing the amount of produce that is thrown away.

  12. I’ve never tried this product and would be reserved to buy it without trying it. Great prize to win, good luck everyone!!

  13. I would love to try the BluApple as I have been going weekly to the Farmer’s Market for fresh fruits and vegetables and this would probably be quite beneficial.

  14. The BluApple is my favorite – as a vegetarian I consume a ton of produce – I would really benefit from this!

  15. I love the BluApple because I love fruits and veggies but generally only get to the store once a week, this would help me have good food longer

  16. I’d love to try the BluApple. I’d love to be able to keep my fruits and veggies fresh longer. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  17. The bluapple is genius! I always have so much trouble keeping my lettuce from going bad before I have time to use it.

  18. I’d like the Blue Apple with the Refill Kit. Gardening season will be upon us sooner than later and I don’t like to lose any of it to spoilage in the refrigerator.

  19. Favourite product is the Blue Apple & I’m also impressed with the refill kit good for one full year

  20. i’m as close to being a vegetarian as you can be without actually being one and i use a lot of fresh produce, buy big quantities of things in season and i like having variety, so the BLUEAPPLE would be my choice because it could save me from having to toss out anything that spoiled.

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