To be the best-dressed man in the room is not difficult anymore. Pick up a crisp new JoS. A. Bank suit or tuxedo. Although you might be confident that a formal wear cannot go wrong, it is always good to know how to get dressed in the best way when you are getting prepared for a special occasion. The trick is to know what type of suit you would wear and when. Before you get ready for your next formal dinner, read this quick guide to get you there in the perfect style!

The Time

The Tuxedo is considered as an evening wears. It is best to wear it for events after 6 pm. If you have an event earlier in the day, choose a morning suit, pick a dark grey suit and you cannot go wrong with that. For weddings and morning events, a suit would suit better while a tuxedo would suit an evening party.

Black Tie

The black tie is a great accessory to complement the tuxedo in the best way. In most invitations, when it is mentioned that a black tie is optional, it is suggested that you wear a black tie for the event. You are better overdressed in a formal event rather than underdressed.

The Jacket and the Pants

With the Tuxedo, picking a matching jacket and pants is quite important. The classic notch lapel, a single-breasted jacket is your best bet. A midnight blue or a black color suits most occasions when you wear your tuxedo.

The Shirt

Give equal importance to the shirt you wear. A subdued shirt with traditional point collars or one with a winged collar would match the classic tuxedo style. Make sure that your shirt has French cuffs to finish off. You can choose a plain front or a pleated front shirt.

The Vest

Most likely, you could expose your shirt when wearing a tuxedo, you would look incomplete without a vest or a cummerbund. If you are picking a cummerbund, choose one with no braces and have the pleats face up.

The Accessories

While the norm is to wear a long silk sock that stretches to your mid-calf or knee and a pocket square that matches your tie, you can also add a good touch by wearing a homburg hat. If you would like a watch, wear one with a thin strap or go with the classic watch with a chain. Avoid chunky sports watches, black gloves, and a top hat

The Shoes

Patent leather shoes are the best pair for the classic tuxedo. You could also pick a good polished Oxford. A plain and touch rounded shoe suits best. Avoid tassels on shoes, elaborate designs, spats as well as square foot shoes. There is no way that you could wear sandals, flip-flops, sneakers or cowboy boots for the formal suit.

The Final Touch

With a little attention to detail, you can master the art of dressing up well in a tuxedo. The best way to find good accessories and the right formal wear is by investing in a good pair or by picking one for hire just for the occasion. Hold your head high, you cannot go wrong wearing a tuxedo or a suit anymore!