Halloween toddler costumes

When I was a kid, we did not have a lot of money. Even though we were not able to buy Halloween costumes every year, my mom always made sure that we had a perfect costume that looked even better than most of the store bought ones. Also, when you do buy store bought ones, it is always nice to add a little touch of homemade to bring out the best!


Majestic WizardI think one of my first costumes was as a wizard. We used the Mickey Mouse hat left over from a Disney World trip. You know the blue one from Fantasia with all of the stars on it. I had a blue robe that I tied around my waist, and my mom had cut out fabric stars from a sheet that we had glued on to the robe using some sort of crafting or fabric glue. I loved it and felt real wizardly. This costume did not cost a cent to make because we used items, we already had around the house.


Wonder Woman: This was another no cost costume that I had adored when I was younger. I had worn a red leotard with a cut out of the eagle of gold construction paper pinned to my chest. I wore red lipstick and a red headband. I already had shoulder-length black hair. I had a jump rope lasso, and I wore my moms boots, so they were thigh-high on me. I was awesome!

House wifeThis is another easy simple to make costume at no cost. All you need is a robe, slippers, a set of curlers and some face cream and you are good to go. There is nothing cuter than a little girl dressing up like her mommy when she just wakes up.

Homeless Person: This was one of my favorite costumes when I was a kid. I would raid my Grandpa’s closet for an old Jacket and a tie and then I would tie a kerchief on the end of a stick with a can of beans in it. Then I used an old floppy fishing hat from Goodwill and smeared charcoal on my face. I was the hit of the 8th grade for sure.

Now you can purchase costumes for pretty cheap, sometimes as low as 10 dollars. Here are some of the past costumes my kids and the mom’s children who blog with me on my HERSHEY’S Halloween Pinterest Board. You can also find more costume and Halloween ideas at HERSHEYS.

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  1. I just wanted to say how much I love your Wonder Woman costume. I too was a big fan. My mom used to make me costumes as well. Back then, I seem to remember a lot more homemade costumes (compared to now.) I am happy to see that the trend to homemade is coming back.

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