Tips To Decorating A Boy’s Room

We bought new furniture for the kids, so now I need tips on decorating a boy’s room.  Helping Caitlin decorate her room was a breeze because she and I have similar tastes.  We picked out her bedding in a matter of minutes and we bought some cute things for the walls and we also made some things.  Caitlin loves art, so she had painted a few things in school and we had them framed and they look just great.  Henry on the other hand, is a whole different animal!  He’s a boy and I am a girl and I have no idea what boy’s like.  Maybe the singing group the Waitresses could help me since they had the popular song “I Know What Boy’s Like”.  Ok, probably not, so I hit the Internet for inspiration and I found some great tips that are easy peasy.

Tips To Decorating A Boy’s Room

  • Theme: The first thing you need to do is choose a theme for the room.  Most kids want a theme, even if they don’t WANT a theme.  Caitlin didn’t want a theme, but as we worked together, we found a theme was emerging anyway.  Look to your child for inspiration if you aren’t’ sure what they would like.  Get your kid’s input!  Do they like sports, fishing, trains, planes, automobiles?  You will find a wealth of inspiration when you ask your child for help.
  • Colors: Now that you have a theme, you need to decide on a color pallet.  Virtually all themes can work with a variety of colors, so again, ask your child.  What colors do they like?  Some may like primary while other may like pastels.  Limit the number of colors so you don’t have a crazy circus theme going on in the room they are supposed to be at rest in!
  • Let It Grow: One of the most important things you need to keep in mind is that your child will get older and lose interest in their current theme.  You can implement several options that will allow you to change out items that are for a younger child with items for an older child without re-doing the entire room.  This is going to save you a lot of money down the road, so choose well!
  • Accessories: Now you get to the fun part!  You have painted, carpeted and placed the furniture for the room.  Now you get to choose the items you will decorate with and again, asking your child for help here is best.  You can let your child be part of the process by asking them to choose from 2-3 options you have chosen.  In my case, I wanted to find a place I could do the shopping all in one place instead of jumping around willy nilly for things.  That is when I found heaven on earth at Sweet Dreams My Child.  This company, which is female owned (Girrllll Power), has such a large selection of bedding, decor items, room accessories, baby products and more.

How To Choose The Right Bedding

One of the main decisions you will make in your decorating is how to choose the right bedding.  For me, choosing the bedding isn’t just about a color or design, but the quality as well.  I felt 100% confident when choosing bedding set for Henry from Sweet Dreams My Child.  Marcia Carlson, the brains behind the storefront, has built a solid reputation by selling the highest quality items that are affordable and are backed by an impeccable customer service department.  I was so happy when I went shopping at Sweet Dreams My Child because I did find several bedding sets that Henry would like.  He has been interested in camouflage lately (I guess from living in Redneckville USA?) and Marcia had not only the bedding set, but a ton of accessories to pull the look together.  We chose the Army Green Camo Kids Bedding – 3 Piece Full/Queen Set $99.00 and Henry just loves it!  It looks perfect in his room and once we get the matching curtains and bed skirt and the laundry hamper, his look will be complete.  If you are looking to create a new look to a room or just add a few key pieces, Marcia can help you find the perfect item at a very affordable price.

One reader will win a bedding set of their choice ($99.00-$199.00) in any category


  1. I think the Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat Baby Bedding Collection by Trend Lab is absolutely adorable

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  2. Baby girl Cupcake is so cute!! We just found out we are having our 7th grandbaby and we are not quit for sure what it is yet but I love cupcake girl… Of course if its a boy sweet jojo blue camo is awesome!

  3. For Abagail I would love to have the Daisy Flower Kids Bedding in Queen. She has the garden theme and we are buying a big girls bed now! Skipping the small sizes sense beds can be so expensive and the set we picked out will have to last a while, lol

  4. I am not sure which would be my favorite. There are so many I would like for my little girl and my granddaughters.. Pink, turoquoise, butterflies, ladybugs,purple, etc are all beautiful. Hope someday to have a grandson cause I like a lot of those also.

  5. I would love to have the Army Green Camo Kids Bedding – 3 Piece Full/Queen Set for my son

  6. I like the Abby Rose Asian – Kids Bedding Twin 4 Piece Set!My grandaughter Is named Abby and she would love it.

  7. Deco Dot Modern Polka Dot Twin Bedding. It would be great for my daughter’s that share a room.

  8. I am torn between the airplane toddler set and the fire truck set. I have two little boys who will be in toddler beds soon so both sets would be great to have!

  9. Love the Zig Zag Chevron Turquoise, White and Gray Full/Queen Bedding 3 Pc Set for my oldest daughter’s room.

  10. I really like the Daisy Flower Baby Bedding Set. I also like the Pink Camo Baby Bedding set as well.

  11. i love the circles pink mod set for my daughter! you could mix and match and it would look adorable!

  12. The Isabella Black and White Damask Bedding 3 Pc Full/Queen Bedding Set i my fave.

  13. I dont have a favorite, just something nice that is boyish. We have limited funds so the bedding we are using for him was given to us by my father in law and step mother in law who had two granddaughters before I came along. So, you guessed it, he’s using girly bed wear. 🙁 I feel bad, but we just don’t have the extra $. 🙂

  14. I reallllllly love the Zig Zag Chevron Turquoise, White and Gray Twin Kids Bedding Set. It’s sooo cute!

  15. I would love to do our daughter’s bedroom with the Pink and Purple Butterfly Kids Bedding – 3 Piece Full/Queen Set

  16. I personally like the Kaylee Purple Kids or Teen set, but I know my daughter would go bonkers for the cowgirl set!

  17. Bella Pink and Brown Damask – 3 Piece Full/Queen Bedding Set
    Bella Turquoise Blue and Brown Damask – 3 Piece Full/Queen Bedding Set
    Bella Turquoise Blue and Brown Damask – 3 Piece like it. 🙂

  18. I know a 8 yr old little boy would love the Treasure Cove Pirate Bedding – Kids Bedding Twin 4 Piece Set. He is into Pirates right now.

  19. My favorite product is the Pink and Brown French Toile Baby Bedding – 9 Piece Crib Set!

  20. They have AMAZING styles and colours here – I esp. like the “Bella Pink and Brown Damask Twin Bedding – 4 Piece Set.”

  21. My grandsons birthday is coming up, this would make the perfect gift for him! “Surf Board Blue Boys Tropical Hawaiian Bedding 3 Pc Set Full/Queen Set”

  22. I honestly cannot pick out just one design to be my favorite. They are all awesome! And the fact she is Jo Jo and I am Jo Jo makes me love them even more!

  23. I like Designer Dot Large Polka Dot Bedding – Kids Twin Bedding 4 Pc Set but my little boy would love Treasure Cove Pirate Bedding – Kids Bedding Twin 4 Piece Set

  24. I love the pink and orange butterfly, the pink flower, the Kaylee purple set, and the purple zebra set…and the list goes on. Nice sets!

  25. The Mod Dots Blue Polka Dot Baby Bedding – 9 Piece Crib Set would be perfect in the new baby’s room. He will be sharing with his big sister. The room is the same theme but with pink instead of blue. They will fit right in!

  26. My daughter would love this and she is so hard to please Purple Zebra Kids Bedding – 3 Piece Full/Queen Set. Thank you.

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