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Tips To Ease Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy

Tips To Ease Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy

Ease Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy

Ease Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy

When I was pregnant, I tried many suggestions to ease lower back pain during pregnancy.  From a previous car accident, I had a bad back anyway, so when adding 50 pounds on top of that were just horrible for my back.  I think because I did have previous issues with back pain that I was able to get through the pregnancy pain much better than someone who may not have experienced it before.  Here are some great ways you can ease that back pain when you are expecting a baby:

    • Posture:  When carry additional weight in the front; you are pulling your back into the swayback position.  The way to counteract this is to pull those shoulders back and sit up straight!  I know, easier said than done, but you need to try.
    • Tilts: Those pelvic tilts that make you feel a bit silly really does ease that lower back pain.  All you need to do is get down on all fours and then slowly bring your hips in and then bring them out again.  This works really well for any type back pain you suffer from.
    • Water:  Get in that water!  If you have access to a local pool or maybe a pool at the neighborhood YMCA, take advantage of it.  Water makes you buoyant, so you are able to get more extension to your moves without hurting yourself.  Many gyms and Y’s offer water exercise classes for those mommies’s to be.

Removable Head Rest

  • Support:  Get yourself a good back support pillow or rest.  This is a fantastic way to take some pressure off of your back, enabling you to get some much needed pain relief.  There are many options for back supports out there, but I have found one that is miles ahead of their competitors.  The Bed Lounge has designed a product that has so many great features that you will be amazed.


Back Support For Pregnancy

Back Support For Pregnancy

If you need a good back support for pregnancy, you would serve yourself well to take a look at the offerings at Bed Lounge.  I think the designers at Bed Lounge listened to every suggestion ever made for the perfect bed lounge and mixed them together to come up with the ultimate back rest.  Included in the design of the Bed Lounge is:

  • Fully adjustable
  • Doctor designed
  • Complete Upper & Lower Body Support
  • Ultra-Lightweight & Portable
  • Removable & Washable Covers

I LOVE this product and wonder how I ever lived without it.  With my back injury, I have had so many nights that I could not get comfortable and it would keep me up all night. With the Bed Lounge, I can keep the head rest on or I can take it out, which is so great.  There are hand pocket son the sides and the arms can move back or you can keep them in their “normal” position.  I am so clumsy that I have had my share of spills and with a removable cover that I can wash is perfect for me!  I was impressed with the construction of this product which is completely top notch.  You can choose from two sizes and 10 colors, so you have tons of options for your Bed Lounge. If you have any back issues at all, you may want to visit Bed Lounge and see if it is right for you..and how could it not be?!

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