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Tips To Get Organized For The Holidays

With the holidays around the corner, now is the time to get organized for the holidays. For my family, we do our spring cleaning in the fall. I am a neat freak to the point that I am a little OCD about it. If I have a test or a pile of work to do, I can’t concentrate on that until the house is clean. If I don’t have it clean, it is in the back of my head and therefore cannot get any work done! With the holidays, I am the same way. When I have friends or family over during the holidays, I have the house picture perfect when they arrive. While I was on the internet recently, I started looking for small changes I could make so I could be ready for this festive time of year.

Get Organized For The Holidays

  • Your Purse: I am so bad about throwing everything but the kitchen sink in my purse. It is embarrassing to go to pay for something and I have to pull out a ton of junk just to get to my wallet! Take your purse(s) and dump them on the bed or floor. Now go through anything is trash, and throw it away. Now take stock and see what it left and what can be returned to its rightful place. Ideally, you want only those items pertinent to the outing to which you will take your purse.
  • Decorations: I am a hoarder of all things Christmas. I had all of my Christmas decorations stolen, including ornaments I made as a child and those Chelsea made as a child. I was just devastated to lose those precious items that now I hate to throw anything away. Go through and toss any broken or non-working items, items you haven’t used for the past 1-2 years and don’t forget to test your lights! Also, take a look at your wrapping paper, ribbons, bows, etc. and make a list of what you need. Don’t buy anything until you have done the bulk of your shopping so you will know exactly what you need.
  • The Pantry: We all have those items in our pantry that we haven’t used or forgot about that need to be tossed. I am really bad about buying non-perishable food on sale thinking it will be used in a recipe, and it ends up not being made after all. If you haven’t used something in a recipe over the last year, donate it if you can to the local food bank or toss it. Write down what you do have, which will help you plan for the holidays. To help me get ready for meal planning and keeping track of dates for the holidays, I turned to Glow Baby to help me. This company is has everything from journals to calendars and menu planning. They have so many fantastic items that are affordable; you can get your life organized quickly with Glow Baby products.

Menu Planning For The Holidays

I love to cook, so when it comes to menu planning for the holidays, I get a bit overwhelmed. Not only do I make the main meals we serve, but I also try to bake treats for the kid’s teachers, the delivery people we see every day and some for ourselves! This year I wanted to be ahead instead of way behind as I usually am. The choices from Glow Baby are plentiful, so if one item isn’t what you need, they probably have another that will work just as well, if not better. I received The Organized Family Menu Planner ($20.00), The Shopping List Notepad ($5.95) and The Organized Family Calendar ($26.00). The menu planner is very user friendly and easy to The Organized Family Calendar ($26.00). The menu planner is very user friendly and easy to get our menu on the right track for all the yummy foods we want to make. The menu planner includes menu planning worksheets and detachable shopping lists, a section for your favorite meals, a measurement conversion chart, and a section for your recipes. The calendar includes a 12 month calendar from January 2013-December 2013, with the school year covering Sept. through Aug., removable weekly planner pages, room to track activities for up to 6 people and it is a nice size as well. I love how easy all the Glow Baby items are to use, how they are clearly mapped out and most importantly, how to get my life on track this holiday season. This is a huge chunk of stress that I won’t be worrying over for the first time in many years.

One reader will win one Family Menu Planner ($20.00) and one Shopping List Notepad ($5.95)

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