Help Your Child Get To Sleep

Help Your Child Get To Sleep

There are many ways to help your child get to sleep.  The problem is trying to narrow down that the best methods are and what will work best for your child.  What method that works for one family, may not work for yours.  Here are some great tips that may help your child settle down and sleep at night.

  • Choose a reasonable bedtime and stick to it!!  Consistency is important and once your child knows you aren’t bargaining their bedtime, they will comply with your guidelines.
  • Choose a time that food and drinks cannot be consumed after, especially drinks with caffeine in them.
  • Announce when bedtime is 30 minutes away which will warn your kid’s bedtime is near and they should plan their activities accordingly.
  • When it is 15 minutes before bedtime, help your children get ready for bed, which would include getting their pajamas on, brushing their teeth and then getting into bed.
  • Let your child choose a favorite stuffed toy to take to bed.  This will help the child make the transition to bed easier.

Help Kids Transition To Sleep

Help Kids Transition To Sleep

Do you have a favorite to that will help kids transition to sleep?  I had a special blanket I slept with from the age of 3 until about the age of 10, at which time it was lost in a move (or so my mom told me).  If your child has a favorite toy, that is a great companion to take to bed.  We recently were given one of the very popular Zoobie Blanket Pets and these are so stinking cute!  Caitlin chose the cute pink Unicorn ($29.99), which comes with a baby unicorn and a soft and snuggly blanket.  Granted Caitlin is older, but she has always s taken a stuffed animal to bed.  Even at 13, almost 14, she still doesn’t go anywhere without her “Poohy”.  She even took it to Girl Scout camp last year.  Our cute Zoobie Blanket Pet came at a great time as Caitlin’s Poohy has begun molting and it only has a few more days to live!  What I love about the Zoobie products are how well-made they are and how spot on the company is in choosing characters kids would like.  There isn’t one Zoobie, in any of the collections that any kid wouldn’t love.  The other think I love about Zoobie is their affordable price. I would not be able to find a full sized stuffed to, a baby AND a blanket for less than $50. We absolutely love our Zoobie and cannot wait to choose a friend for Henry!

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One reader will win a Zoobie Blanket Pet of their choice ($29.99)

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  1. my 3 yr old has a rough time falling asleep at her bedtime, which is 8pm along with her 13 yr old sister. she has to have several blankets, a bed full of stuffed animals and a movie on to fall asleep. and sometimes she doesnt fall asleep until well after bedtime. which keeps me awake

  2. My daughter has a hard time falling asleep , unless she has her teddy bear and her baby blanket that she has had since birth.

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  4. Jafaru the Giraffe™!!!! Giraffes are my favorite animal and so of course they are my daughter’s favorite too!

  5. wow the unicorn zoobie pillow pets are beautiful..what little girl couldnt go to sleep with one of daughter would go crazy!!

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