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Tips To Keep Your Kids Safe

I am sure many of you parents are constantly on the lookout for ways to keep your kids safe.  I was recently reflecting on how my childhood is so different from my kid’s childhood.  I was born in the 60’s, so things were different in so many areas.  I remember my sister and me walking the 4 blocks to school and walking to the corner store for penny bubblegum.  Funny, but I also remember my mom picking up two young hitch hikers and my sister and I thinking how cool my mom was for being so nice.  Can you imagine doing any of that today?  As much as my kids hate it, I never let them of my site unless they are in a group.  When Caitlin took the bus to school, she was picked up about 500 feet from our condo.  I would not have dreamed to let her make that walk and stand-alone while she waited.  I found some great tips on how to keep your kids safe and I want you to have them as well.

Keep Your Kids Safe

  •  Speak Openly Yet Calmly: You need to keep a calm demeanor when you have the safety talk with your kids.  If you are upset or nervous, so will your kids.  Don’t tippy toe around the subject, don’t use cute names for the situation or for people and don’t make it very scary either.  Be ready for questions and be ready to answer them.  Remember our kids are really smart so we need to treat them as such.
  • Set Safety Rules: Make sure your kids know what they should and shouldn’t do.  My kids are not allowed to go outside alone but rather they need their sibling or a friend.  If we are out in public, the kids must stay with either my husband or me or with one another.  I have told the kids if someone tries to touch them in any inappropriate or scary way to scream as loud as they possibly can.  And we actually practice that.  I don’t say that as a joke; I want to hear their version of what loud is.

  • Give Correct Information: Be clear with kids that strangers are not always the “bad guy”.  More often than not, it is a family member.  I have told my kids that.  It’s a fact.  Don’t hide from it.  Make sure your kids know all of the important information like their parent’s name and contact information.  There are a larger percentage of kids who don’t know how to contact their parents than there should be.  I have made it a point to quiz the kids as well as label everything I can think of that the kids may have at any one time.  I have found a fantastic label company that in my opinion has the most thorough product line as I have seen.  Name Bubbles has an extensive line of labels for any shape, size or color that you can think of.  What I find impressive is that you can also order labels for daycare, sports, college, nursing homes and many more.  So, these labels are not just for kids; they are for everybody.


Safety For Kids With Special Needs

Since Henry has autism, safety for kids with special needs is prevalent in my home.  What makes teaching safety to kids with special needs is their level of comprehension can be so different from those who don’t.  I tease that living with Henry is like living through the movie Groundhog Day because more often than not, we need to remind him of important things.  When I knew I was able to order labels from Name Bubbles that could identify special needs in a child, I was really impressed and relieved.  So many companies don’t think to include labels that will tell others you have a child with special needs.  The labels are very well made, are dishwasher and laundry safe and when they are stuck on, buddy they STICK on!  The minute we got our labels, Henry took one of his “autism” labels and put it on his lunchbox!  If you want to keep your kids safe and help them keep track of their things, Name Bubbles is a very reliable place to go.

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  1. my favorite are the laundry lables! i have labled every article of clothing, all sheets, blankets, bibs, etc. for daycare for both of my children and their items always come home!

  2. my favorite are the laundry lables! i have labled every article of clothing, all sheets, blankets, bibs, etc. for daycare for both of my children and their items always come home!

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