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Tips To Keeping Your Skin Younger Looking In The Fall

Keeping Your Skin Younger Looking

We have left the harsh sun of summer behind us and we have yet to be greeted by the cold weather.  It seems we are a bit in between one extreme and another.  That is what I love about fall.  You are in this short little pocket where the fall leaves are gorgeous, the air is crisp and there is a dip in the temperatures but only to a level that feels great after the hot summer we had.  The fall is also a good time to evaluate where your skin care needs are and how to get them met.  I found some really great tips for taking care of your skin this season.

    1. Exfoliate:  Now is the best time to get that dead layer of skin off and say goodbye to dry and dull looking skin.  Just remember to be gentle as you can cause a lot of damage if you exfoliate too harshly or too extensively.  You can find some effective exfoliates right in your kitchen. You can use oatmeal, sugar, salt or coffee grounds and any one of them will work great.
    2.  Soften:  Find yourself a good lotion that is lightweight and has anti-oxidants that are great for your skin.  If you are beginning to feel the effects of the sun, wind and age, you should invest in a good eye cream as well.  The way you treat your eyes now will ensure you will love yourself when you hit your “older” years!
    3. Clean:  Find yourself a good cleanser for your skin.  You need to find something that will clean your skin without stripping your essential oils and nutrients in your skin.  If you haven’t thought about an electric cleanser, this is a great time to look into that option.  I found a great company that offers a wide range of great products for your body that you would not believe.  b-glowing is a fantastic company that has a ton of products including those for your skin, hair, body and makeup.

Electric Skin Cleansing Brush

If you have ever used an electric skin cleansing brush, you know how Ah-Mazing your skin feels afterwards.  I was given one of the coolest and most effective tools for my skin care regime I have ever used.  The Clairsonic Skincare Brush is a great skin cleansing tool that is brought to you from the folks who developed the Sonicare toothbrush.  The Clairsonic Mia One Speed Brush ($119.00) includes the brush head, charger, and 1 oz. Gentle Hydro Cleanser.  This product is so stinking awesome!  The brush is really soft and it is turning more than 300 times per second…think about that!  That is unbelievable!  With regular use, you should see a reduction in pore size, smoother and healthier looking skin and it removed your makeup better than any makeup remover you have tried in the past.  I kid you not when I tell you that after using this product for the very first time, your skin will be as smooth as a baby’s butt!! One reader will win a Clairsonic Mia One Speed Brush ($119.00)

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  1. A product I’ve tried before is Tight and Day. After a few years of working off fat I accumulated from stress I was left with many ugly stretch marks, this product really helped blend them into my natural tones and also let my past fade.

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