Tips To Make Your Day More Productive

When I worked in an office, it seemed I was way more organized. I was on the schedule of my employer, so I was forced to be at a certain place at a certain time. When you work from home, you have more flexibility, which is one of the reasons many people like working from home. The problem with this is how easily you can get distracted and pulled away when you work from home. You are constantly berated with the phone ringing, knocks at the door, kids running in and out and pets who want attention. If this sounds familiar, here here are some tips to help you get more out of your day:

4 Ways To Make Your Day More Productive

  1. Clean Your Space: Whether you work at your desk, the kitchen table on on your back deck, you need a clear space. Get rid of all the old sticky notes, receipts, broken pencils and what not. Get your filing system up to date and put everything where it belongs. A clear space lends to a more clear head which lends to being more focused in your work.
  2. Make A To Do List: If you have a checklist with which to go by each day, you are more likely to stay on track.
  3. Check Your Calendar: Always confirm your upcoming appointments at least 24 hours ahead of time. There is nothing worse then showing up for an appointment and realizing it is at the wrong time, or worse, the wrong day.
  4. Get The Most From Technology: We all have tech gadgets we like to play with but do we use them to their full potential? Do we use all the apps and features on our tablets, smartphones and computers? Let us not forget all those new tech tools and gadgets which can make our work easier.

zscan mouse

Whenever you can find a tech gadget to lighten your load, it is worth looking into. If you are a blogger, writer or work in admin, the bulk of your time is typically spent typing, making lists, charts and graphs. It can take so much time doing this, especially if you need to copy over lengthy text, tables or graphs. With the innovative and ingenious Zscan scanner mouse, you can  scan text, tables, and pictures with just a few clicks. Not only does the Zcan support 199 OCR languages, it can paste scanned material to Word, Excel or PowerPoint and you can edit them instantly.

The the Zscan scanner mouse, you can scan recipes, receipts, pictures, drawings, tax information and more. If you like, you can even share scanned information on your social media channels or through email. Your Zcan comes with software which can be connected to Dropbox, Evernote and Google Translate. Because the Zscan supports over 60 languages, you can scan something in a different language and with a click of a button, have it translated. To see the Zscan scanner mouse in action, you can see a short video which shows how unique it truly is. You can purchase the Zscan scanner mouse for just $80 from their website and stay tuned for their wireless version coming soon. Be sure to follow Zscan on Twitter and Google+.

What tips to make your day more productive do you follow?