Potty Training A toddler

Sigh. It is that time to train my third toddler to use the toilet. I am sorry to report that it does NOT get any easier. Actually, I swear it has been getting harder and harder each time. I will still give you a short list of tricks that I have used on each of my kids…

  • Put the potty in a central place: This makes it easier for them to remember that they need to start using the potty. It may be gross, but in sight in mind right?
  • Set a Timer: I set a timer to remind him and me that we are potty training. This way I might be able to catch a time when he might need to actually pee. I set it for 45 minutes.
  • Offer Rewards: I start out with offering praise and high fives for just sitting on the toilet. That worked great with Billy. With Jakobi I had to graduate to stickers. With Mason, I feel I might need to buy him a new car or something.
  • Keep Track Of Your Success: Make a sticker chart, a brag book, a tally on a stick. Reinforce the fact that he is doing a great jobn. One that he can see to keep him on the potty path!
  • Make it a family affair: Have the whole family lend a hand. Have big brother/sister praise and remind.
  • Be consistent: this is probably the hardest and most helpful tip. Kids (as well as adults) learn from repetition. They say you only need to do something for 30 days to make it a habit.
  • Don’t Give up!: This is me just reminding myself, and remember all kids are ready at different times and learn at different speeds. What may have been good for one, just might not work for the next. Good Luck!

Pourty Easy To Pour Potty

Potty training can be such a dirty job, especially when it comes to the clean up.  However with the Pourty easy to pour potty, it makes clean ups much easier.  It has an innovative pour spout so when you are cleaning out your child’s messes, they do not end up splashing everywhere.  When emptying a traditional potty chair you normally have to pour the pee and/or poo out over the area where the child sits, which can cause dripping down the sides of the potty.  Not to mention the fact you are pouring that over an area where your child puts his/her bum.  Since the Pourty has the pour spout built in, it not only prevents those messy dribbles it also never touches the area of the seat where your child sits.

Another way the Pourty makes cleaning super easy is with its one-piece unit design.  Since there are no crevices or openings for urine to get into it not only makes easier but it also makes it much more hygienic and prevents germs from growing.

Potty Chair With Large Opening

The Pourty potty has some other really nice design features that moms and dads appreciate for both their little girls and boys.  To begin with, it sits a little higher than a traditional potty with a large and wide seating area.  Also, the two sides of the backrest provide great support for your child to lean back.  Another great feature are the high sides, which prevent spillage, especially nice for when boys are using the potty.

The Pourty originated in England and gained tremendous popularity with two years.  The Pourty was then introduced to the U.S.  The Pourty is sold at all major retailers, such as: Amazon, Walmart, Babies R Us, and many more for less than $15.  They come in 4 colors for you to choose from: blue, white, pink and purple.

You can win a Pourty to help with your potty training by filling out the GT below.

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