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Tips To Repair Damaged Hair

Repair Damaged Hair

If you are trying to repair damaged hair, there are a lot of products out there that claim they can help you.  Some people say you can’t repair hair once you have damaged it from styling products, hair coloring and other harmful treatments for your hair.  Other folks claim you can absolutely repair that damaged hair, just find the right products.  When I color my hair it gets so how incredibly dry that it is hard to get it back to a healthier state. What I think is funny is that the conditioner packet that comes with your hair color is so small.  How in the world am I supposed to condition this straw hair of mine with about a quarter size dollop of conditioner!  Here are some great homemade ways I found to help nourish your dried out hair.

  • Olive oil: Olive Oil is a great natural conditioner for your hair.  Take a bottle of olive oil and pour into a plastic bottle with a nozzle.  Section your hair and apply the oil to your roots first and then work your way down.  You need to leave this in for a while to get the most benefits from it.  I use a reusable shower camp and cover my hair while I sleep.  You can also use warm towels to speed up the process a bit.  When washing, you may need to wash more than once to get the oil out of your hair.
  • Mayonnaise: Mayonnaise for your hair is not just an urban myth!!  With natural fats and oils, mayonnaise is a great natural deep conditioner.  Like with the olive oil, you should keep it on for as long as you can as even a few hours will show an improvement in the condition of your hair.  Also like the olive oil treatment, be sure to wash all of the mayonnaise from your hair.
  • Avocado: Try an avocado masque for your hair.  This is a great concentration of essential nutrients and oils for your hair.  You should apply a good coating of mashed up avocado and cover it and let it hang on there for about an hour.  I recommend rinsing well but not washing the first time.  Let the oils stay in there for another day or so before completely washing them out.
  • Deep Conditioners: You can purchase many deep conditioners that are salon quality that will go a long way towards repaing damaged hair. HBL carries some of the best hair care products.

Best Hair Products

If you want the best hair products for your hair and you aren’t into the whole home-made thing, find a professional.  In this review, I am so pleased to tell you about a man and a dream that came out of a sad period like a phoenix from the ashes.  Patrick Dockry was no stranger to tragedy in his life when he lost his bother to cancer in 1993.  Along with dealing with his brother’s cancer, his mom has overcome uterine cancer years before and his dad with prostate cancer a few years after.  The common thread Patrick discovered when talking with folks that had endured the harsh treatments associated with cancer was the damage that their hair received.  With 30 years of experience in the beauty industry, Patrick knew he could develop a product that could repair even the most damaged hair.  The other issue associated with cancer is the loss of hair, or alopecia.  My older sister dealt with this as well as my mom, so I know how devastating the loss of hair can be, especially for a woman.  So, out of the ashes came the HBL (Health, Beauty and Life) hair care product line.  I was so honored to review three of the products from the HBL line; the hydrating conditioner ($32.95), hydrating shampoo ($29.95) and the hair masque ($29.95).  I am so excited to tell you how these products are hands down going to change your hair!  The ingredients for these products includes Keratin Amino Acids for strength, silk protein for smooth hair ad well of anti-oxidants from chamomile tea extracts.  We all know how awesome a cup of chamomile tea can be for relaxing, so can you imagine how it will treat your hair!  My favorite product I love, love, love is the hair masque.  Kelly, my contact for the firm who represents HBL told me how great the masque was but I had no idea how right she was!!  The last time I colored my hair, it didn’t bounce back like it has in the past.  I was really upset with the gross straw like feeling my hair had and I could not find anything that would restore it to the healthy hair I was used to.  That is, until I tried the masque.  I kid you not, this stuff is a miracle in a bottle and I am sold for life!!  For the issue of hair loss, Patrick developed a line he called Rejuvenator.  This line of products are formulated to not only bring your hair to the healthy state it was in as well as encouraging healthy hair growth at a faster progression.   Patrick, I cannot tell you how sorry I am for your losses, but am so thankful you were able to turn that sadness into a product that can transform your hair.

One reader will win a set of the hydration shampoo, conditioner and hair masque, for a total $92.85. US only.

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