Save Money In The Kitchen
If you are on a budget, there are several ways you can start saving money in the kitchen.  The kitchen is the one room in the house that allows you the most opportunities to cut back on your spending.  I have already pared down the cable, installed a low flow shower head and replaced the light bulbs in the house to more efficient bulbs. So the next step would be to find areas in the kitchen I could make some changes.  Here are some easy ways you can save some pennies in your kitchen.

Tips To Saving Money In The Kitchen

Unplug It: I know you have probably heard that most small appliances continue to use energy when they are not in use.  Well, it is true, many of these little guys do, and so unplugging them will save you a nice chunk of change.

Chill Out: Your fridge is one of the most energy sucking appliances in your kitchen.  A large percentage of homes have the temperature in the fridge too low.  An acceptable temperature range is between 38 and 42 degrees, while many homes have their fridge set at below 38 degrees.  This can cost you an unnecessary pretty penny on your energy bill, so turn it up a few degrees.

Skip The Dry Cycle: You can save a ton of money by not using the dry cycle on your dishwasher.  Your dishes will dry on their own if you skip the hot dry cycle.  Let them sit overnight and if they are not completely dry, grab a towel and get to drying.

Stop The Paper: Make the switch from paper to fabric where possible in the kitchen.  Swap out those paper napkins and paper towels for reusable choices and save a lot of sawbucks.  By using fabric rather than paper, you can save an average of $3.17 on EACH roll of towels.  That equates to more than $75 per year!  I found one of the best companies who can help you make the switch.  The Unpaper Towel Company not only sells a useful item, but an attractive one at that!  If you are going to replace those paper towels, you should do so in style!

Alternative To Paper Towels

The Unpaper Towel Company is an awesome alternative to paper towels.  There are so many features these reusable towels hold over paper that it may surprise you.  One roll of Unpaper Towels includes 12 cloth towels, one side of which is super absorbent terry and cost $45-$50.  By making the switch, you will make a difference on saving the planet and you will make back the cost of The Unpaper Towels in a matter of a few months and these towels will last you for years to come.  I chose the roll with black terry on one side and pretty black and white prints on the other.  The towels snap together, are very well made and hold up great in the wash.  I cannot tell you how much I love this product. I have used it to wipe up Kool-Aid off the floor, clean pancake batter off the cabinets (thank you) and as a drying towel.  These towels are more absorbent and it goes without saying how durable and reusable they are.  I love that I can wipe up a mess, toss them in the wash and they are good to go.  I have unsnapped them so they are easier to grab, but I would not change a thing about this product.

One reader will win their choice of one roll of Unpaper Towels ($45-$50), based on availability.

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  1. The Unpaper Towel…
    These towels are meant to replace your paper towels. Most rolls have 12 towels in them (some have 9) and are made with absorbent cloth. There are few different kinds from micro fiber terry, black terry, white terry, hemp/cotton terry and flannel.

  2. I really like these. The Black, grey and red flowers on black terry cloth or the Black, Red & White on Terry…but then I also really like the Black & White Ladybugs!!

  3. I like the Unpaper Towel. I don’t use paper towels often in my kitchen, I have rags I use & wash to re use.

  4. Thanks for these tips. I’ve been doing the dishwasher no-dry thing for a while now. Just have to run it late at night so it has the whole night to dry off and maybe even part of the next day. As for paper towels, they’re one of the biggest money holes in the kitchen!

  5. I love the colors in the Deep Colored Stripes fabric. Very cheerful and looks like it would hide many different colors of stains 🙂

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