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Tips To Save Money On Electricity

In today’s economy, people are looking everywhere to save money. I have bought a new larger capacity washer and dryer that is more energy efficient. We went from doing at least 1 load of laundry a day to 2-3 loads per week and we have seen a difference on our bills. The kids are getting better about turning off lights when they leave a room. We are working on Caitlin to cut down on her 40 minute showers to a more reasonable amount of time. I wanted to find some other ways we could save money that we could do without a lot of money or rigmarole to do so. Here are some tips I found that I thought were helpful:

  1. Filters: If you get in the habit of replacing the filters in your house you will save money. Recently, our HVAC was not working properly, so I had to have a repairman come to the house. It turned out the filter was dirty and was impeding the air flow and it was in need of being replaced.
  2. Windows: Windows are a source of heat loss as well as a source of heat. During the warm weather months, close your blinds and curtains to keep your rooms cooler. During the winter months, make sure the windows are sealed so the heat is not escaping.
  3. Thermostat:If you keep your heat at 72 and your air at 68, you can save hundreds on your electric bill each year. This is an easy fix that many people forget to do.
  4. Appliances: When you are not using appliances, charges and other devices that plug into the electrical outlet, unplug them. Even if you are not using an item that is plugged in, it will still use electricity while it is idle.
  5. Reusable Products:Whenever possible, find products that can be reused or recharged so you can save money on replacements. One of the big areas we waste a lot of money is on batteries. The kids controllers eat up a lot of batteries, so we probably go through 10-15 a week and at $12 for a pack of 16, that can really add up. While I was looking for an alternative to buying so many batteries, I came across a great online store that is big on green and eco-friendly products to make your life more sustainable. Our Green Home has a wide array of products for your home that can save you money as well as save our planet.

Tips To Save Money On Electricity

Whenever I can find simple solutions to problems, I am stoked. When I am trying to get the kids to cooperate on anything, I need it to be easy to follow. One of the ares I needed help with was tips to save money on electricity, so that is where I focused  When I was looking for a solution to the battery issue, I found a great battery charger at Our Green Home that was perfect for us. The AA/AAA Duracell® NiMh Battery Charger w/4 AA Batteries is just great because we can use 2 of the batteries while we charge the other 2. Since we received the battery charger we have not had to purchase any batteries, so I am totally thrilled with that. The other product I was sent fro Our Green Home, was Nellie’s Dryer Balls, which lift and separate your clothes while they are in the dryer. This method results in less lint, wrinkles, softer clothes, more absorbent towels and it can cut drying time by as much as 25%. I thought they would be really loud, but they are not at all. I have actually seen my drying time come down since using the product, so I am very happy with the results.

Our Green Home is the brainchild of Gary and Peggy DaVann who live in Hopkins, Minnesota. Peggy has been involved in child care for 25 years and teaches the concept and benefits of living a green life to the kids in her care. Gary is a graphic artist and IT guy with a local non profit. They decided to offer green products that were affordable enough that it would encourage more people to make the change to living an eco-friendly life. You can purchase a lot of cool products for your home including compost pails, light bulbs, reusable shopping bags and even a cute tire swing for the kids. You can purchase the battery charger for $29.99 and the dryer balls for $16.99 from the Our Green Home storefront.

One USA reader will win the Architec™ Eco Smart™ Blue Poly-Paper Serving Bowl and serving spoons ($45.00). Made from recycled translucent Polypropylene with flax husk or cellulose content suspended inside, the material produces an amazing-looking surface that is unique to each bowl and spoon. The bowls are manufactured in the USA by a zero waste Eco Factory that generates a portion of its own power.


  1. I really like the bowl set you are giving away. On the site, I like the M&M Recycled Tire Swings. They would be perfect for our grandchildren.

  2. I love the Terracotta Rain Barrel, it is nice streamline and not ugly to be out in the yard. And it plays an important use now days and helps conserve water.

  3. I like the Stash It – Bead Me – Shopping Tote Bag. It is really cute to take shopping. thank you

  4. I love Architec™ Eco Smart™ Purelast™ 3-Piece Mixing Bowl Set – Green, Yellow, Blue.

  5. I like the Stash It – Mod Dot – Shopping Tote Bag. Thanks for this giveaway. The bowl is so pretty.

  6. Indo Love Blue, LOVE SACK, Grocery Bag
    Holds up to 60lbs. and is machine washable!
    That the best part washable hold alot

  7. I love this product Fresh Air Odor-Free Kitchen Compost Collector. I use a compost bowl which has to be taken out to the compost bin several times a day since we go through so much fruits/veggies. It would be great to have this larger one!

  8. I love their Stash It bags and grocery bags. Actually, I love their whole site. I now have another site I absolutely love and it will go on my “I want” list. Thank you for directing me to their site.

  9. Rad Plaid grocery sac. I can see my boyfriend using this for his lunches instead of plastic bags from the grocery store!

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