Tips To Snack Healthy
I have been a snacker/grazer ever since I can remember. My dad was a huge snacker, so I am sure I got that from him. We spent a lot of Saturday nights watching television and sharing a bottle of soda and a big bowl of  chips, popcorn or pretzels. When you are a kid, you do all this snacking without worrying about how it effects your health. Now that I am much older, I cannot snack like I used to, but that does not lessen my love of delicious snack foods. I have found when I try to snack healthy, I end up compromising the flavor. Instead of giving up that great taste you love, you need to snack smarter instead of giving it up altogether.
4 Healthy And Flavorful Snacks

4 Healthy And Flavorful Snacks

  1. Dips: Dips are a great way to add flavor to a number of snacks without adding a lot of calories. Greek yogurt is a wonderful base for dips for fruit, veggies, chips and more. You can add fruit, herbs, veggies and more for an added pop of flavor.
  2. Chips: You can get a healthy and flavorful crunchy snack that is not a greasy potato chip. You can get amazing baked pita chips with herbs that are a treat for your mouth. You can take flavored multi-grain flat bread, cut it into pieces and bake it in the oven and make your own healthy chip.
  3. Freeze Dried Fruits: These delectable snacks are something the whole family will love. You can get a variety of flavors including cinnamon, banana, apple and papaya. They are packed full of fiber, antioxidants, and potassium.
  4. Sweet And Savory Muffins: I love to cook ahead so the kids can have grab and go snacks. We all love muffins, but I hate the high fat and calorie content. A mouthwatering and tasty alternative to traditional muffins are the all natural and pre-measured kits from The Invisible Chef. With flavors like Bacon Cheddar Onion and Cranberry Cornmeal, you get tons of flavor at a fraction of the fat and calories.

Invisible Chef Brownies

I have been a big proponent of all natural foods for a while now. I have had a huge paradigm shift about the processed foods we put in our bodies. I cannot believe all the store bought bakery items I bought over the years and how bad they are for you. When I found I could make a better baked good at home with a mix from The Invisible Chef, I was dumbstruck! If you are looking for tips to snack healthy but want something flavorful, these mixes are perfect for you! They have ingredients like natural peppermint, onions, stone ground cornmeal and real cranberries. They have cupcake mixes, sweet and savory muffin mixes, cookies, brownies and much more.

We were sent a variety of mixed from The Invisible Chef and we could not decide what to make first! I wanted to make the savory Smoky Bacon and Cheddar Muffins, which retail for $7.50, while the kids wanted me to make the Zesty Lemon and Poppy Seeds cookies, which sell for $6.50. I was surprised at how healthy these snacks actually are and I think you will be as well. For instance, the Mint Chocolate Chip Brownies, which are Ah-Mazing, have only 114 calories and 2 grams of fat. I know, right! I always feel guilty about muffins, but when they are only 145 calories and just 1 gram of fat per muffin, I can eat one with some fruit for breakfast and have a healthy, delicious and filling breakfast! Be sure to visit The Invisible Chef and stock up on your favorite healthy mixes and be sure to follow them on Instagram as well. One USA reader will win an Invisible Chef Gift Basket ARV $50.

What is your favorite healthy mix from The Invisible Chef?


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