The days are long and the nights are too. Yet it seems that there is almost always more things to do than there are hours in a day. Remembering and prioritizing all the things that are supposed to happen in a day can be a daunting challenge at best. It’s easy to get distracted and do something that is not high on the list of priorities, for those of us that are of the family variety, that can often lead to trouble with our better halves. For me, staying focused all day long requires a little planning, a little effort and a little help. It’s a recipe, if followed correctly, that helps me stay on point and out of hot water, with the many bosses I have in my life. So check it out maybe it can help you too.


Focused And On Point

  • Make A List: Every night before you settle in to your belly up routine think about the thing that need to be done tomorrow and write them down. Making a list is the easiest way to remember all the thing you need to.
  • Prioritize: Often those list can be overwhelming. Take a few minutes and figure out which ones are the most important. Don’t be afraid to ask your boss or significant other about what they think the priorities are, as they might have a different opinion. This will help you get done what needs to get done and keep everyone happy.
  • Fuel Up: Having a prioritized list doesn’t mean any thing if you run out gas three quarters of the way through the day. There is a whole bevy of different energy drinks out there that claim to be the greatest. But the truth is you don’t really know what your getting, and they often taste like spoiled medicine. The only energy drink for me has always been coffee. Now thanks to Kill Cliff there are exciting new ways to enjoy the original energy drink.


If you like coffee then boy are you in luck. This is not you average cold brew coffee. Kill Cliff, which was developed by a Navy Seal and is a proud sponsor and official sponsor of the Navy Seal Foundation, is made by slow roasting premium Arabica beans, the bigger badder bean as they like to call it, for twenty-four hours. This results in  one the boldest and smoothest cold brew coffees that I have ever had the pleasure to enjoy. Not only is it coffee as it should be, but it delivers a clean natural energy to help stay focused for the whole day and finish strong.

Kill Cliff can be Purchase online and is also available by subscription at a reduced rate. They are also offering you, our readers 15% discount with the promo code MAKOBI15. If that’s still not tenought to pique your interest, you can aslo enter below for a chance to win a free case of Kill Cliff Cold Brew  in the flavor of your choice. So what are you waiting for? Give it go. You won’t be sorry.

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  1. I always have lists of things to do. My children have learned that my always has a list, it is nice when they look at the list and help get things done. I love my coffee, it helps keep me going so I would love to try these.

  2. I love good cup of coffee. I usually don’t drink it cold, though, and I haven’t tried cold brew. I like cream and sugar in my coffee.

  3. Since I’m retired, I don’t have to worry too much about keeping a schedule. I do write lists on occasion when I have a lot to get done. I don’t like to waste time so I tend to prioritize things as well but mostly just in my head.

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