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Tips For Travelling With Kids

If you think there is a lot to consider when travelling as an adult, it can be a shock to discover how much more you need to plan when you travel with kids. You can’t just throw things in a suitcase and go because you have to prepare for every eventuality. You need to look out for their interests by ensuring they have enough clothes to wear, that you have adequate health and safety equipment, and of course, that they have plenty to keep them entertained.

It really helps if you plan ahead

  • Be Creative When Packing Clothes: Children often go through more clothes than adults, due to general dirt and spillage, so it is necessary to pack more than you think you will need. However, clothing can take up a lot of space, so instead of folding the kids’ clothes, roll them up. You could even roll complete outfits up together, for example, outerwear and underwear, so that all you or your child has to do is take that roll out for the day. If you find that your own suitcase is packed to bursting point, leaving little or no room for your child’s personal objects, such as coloring books or media equipment, then buy some kids luggage that they will love and which is quite obviously for children rather than for adults, such as the rolling luggage from Zoo kids. These suitcases for kids are usually small enough to be considered as carry-on luggage for long distance plane travel, and compact enough to be stuffed in the back of the car. 
  • Have Items Readily Available: If you are travelling long distances (when kids are concerned, a long journey can be anything over two hours), you need to make sure you have certain types of items easily at hand. First and foremost of these is some form of entertainment, so that the kids do not get bored and have the means to amuse themselves. Load up any media equipment with favorite movies, music and books, and have an organizer between the driver and passenger seat. These are great for holding crayons and coloring pencils and anything else your child might like to play with.
  • Be Prepared: You should pack an emergency first aid kit for the car or plane, containing basic items such as Band-Aids, motion sickness tablets and wipes, and if you’re child has only recently come out of diapers, a couple of emergency pull-ups, just in case they get caught short and cannot make it to a toilet. You also need snacks on your journey such as fruit, nuts and other healthy options. Remember to pack a bottle of water as well.
  • Take Your Time: If you are taking a long car journey, plan to make regular stops so that you and your family can get out of the car and stretch your legs. While the majority of these should be near service stops, also make a few of them attraction stops so that the journey is broken up.

Travelling with children can be an easy experience by planning ahead and making sure they have items on hand that will appeal to them and keep them entertained.

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