Today, to beat the competition, every online business offers voucher codes to attract more shoppers and regular customers. These discounts are really fruitful to the online shoppers, as they get attractive benefits in addition to saving money.

You can also get amazing offers like getting discounts for the entire order you make with the voucher codes. This is really amazing, as your overall purchase cost is reduced.

Bronco InfographicThere are various types of coupon codes available to use. They include, percent discount, fixed amount discount and free shipping.

With the percent discount, you will get a flat percentage discounted from the entire order. With the fixed amount discount, a specific amount is subtracted from the total cost or the purchase order. The free shipping will get you discounts from the shipping costs on the order you make. However, this can be limited with the order shipping within the country or overseas.

There are various sources to apply your voucher codes. You can shop coupon codes or voucher codes online or at the same shop where you are shopping. You can also search voucher codes online from the popular websites, which are especially meant for providing these discount codes.

In addition to these options, you will also receive emails for special discounts or business emails containing information about the coupon codes from the online shop, where you regularly purchase or from other sources. However, it is imperative to ensure if the emails and voucher coupons you receive is original and they are valid too. Similarly, you must also attempt to use the voucher codes within their valid date, before they expire.

Most of the online retailers will have their own specific seasons or periods about when to offer the voucher codes. They will also decide upon how much should these coupon codes worth, as it must be beneficial and profitable to both the retailers and online shoppers.

The voucher codes serve as the powerful tool for the retailers online to attract more shoppers and regular customers to their stores. Therefore, these coupons are available periodically to benefit everyone.

The online stores are always easy to use. They give you the best tracking feature of your product orders. They increase the customer loyalty through reliable business and genuine coupon codes and discounts.

There are different types of voucher codes available and offered to the shoppers. To point a few:

  • Percentage based discounts, which means you will get up to 25% of discounts from your overall purchase order made. This type of discounts will basically start from 5% to give some reasonable benefits to the shoppers.
  • Dollar value discounts are another This may make the shoppers feel that they are wasting their money when the coupons are not used.
  • Free shipping will also give a considerable amount of discount benefits to the shoppers.
  • Free gifts is another best choice to attract the shoppers. This will give additional value to the shoppers. This may also increase the average order size

But do you know who owns all the companies offering these discounts? It might surprise you that a number of these brands are all owned under the same umbrella company. My Voucher Codes researched this – there are more details here, but here’s a snippet of the info:

Urban Outfitters: Founded in 1970, Urban Outfitters make the annual net income of £163 million. They also own a group of company including BHLDN, Terrain, Free People and Anthropologie.

Peter Simon: Peter Simon, the founder of Monsoon and Accessorize runs the business with Paul Allen and they make the net income of £54 million.