Tired of your High Heels Kushyfoot Flats-To-Go

If you are tired of your high heels Kushyfoot flats-to-go are a must have item in your purse. These ballet style flats are the perfect shoes to throw on after a long day at work or after going out on the town dancing. Or if you are me, after a long day running errands with two small children in tow! They are like heaven for your feet, when your feet are sore and aching from the high heels. I had the opportunity to review the Kushyfoot flats-to-go and I received the zebra print. Not only are they stylish but they are super comfortable and exactly what I needed. They come in a little bag and easily fit into my purse and diaper bag. Since animals prints are so in these days, I can wear them with casual as well as dressy cloths and not feel like I’m out of place.

For women on the go

The flats-to-go are perfect for women on the go!  They made of a soft faux leather and they are extremely flexible. They have an elastic back for a great fit and the sole cushions your feet for indoor or outdoor use.  I wore mine outside in the grass, on concrete, rocks and they held up just like a regular shoe would.  They come in a wide variety of colors and patterns including: black, silver, cream, snake print, and embossed alligator (bronze and black). Basically, you can pair the flats-to-go with just about anything you wear.  You can purchase a pair for $9.99. Kushyfoot also carries a line of lace foot covers, tights and microfiber coolmax crew socks.  They also sent me a pair of rib tights in black.  The tights were super comfortable and I loved the ribbed texture.  The padded sole was so nice it massaged my feet.  Check them out on Facebook!

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