Toilet Tree Products sent me a Fogless Shower Mirror to review. At first I thought this was the perfect gift for my husband but as soon as I opened the shipping box I thought about keeping it for myself. Then I realized it’s a good thing we only have one master bathroom because then I could still give it to Brian but use it for myself, talk about being a little selfish.

For the purpose of this review, I had to give it a shot and not wait until the next holiday. As I attached it to my shower, I was impressed with the strong suction cups. The kit also came with silicone adhesive and double side tape; no drops for this mirror.  I would be a bit upset if it was always falling but thankfully Toilet Tree Product has thought of it all. The mirror then gets filled with hot water to ensure it stays fog free.  I was then able to wash my face removing all the of the left over mascara and eye liner, which sometimes doesn’t get completely removed due to the water proof quality of today’s makeup. I was happy to get out of the shower with a clean face!

The Fogless Shower Mirror is a great gift for men because it a good way to get a clean shave in the shower. Its a great gift for all because it makes washing your face and tweezing much easier. I appreciate any company that offers a 100% Money-Back Guarantee (30 days). I feel it shows they are confident their product is always going to work. Toilet Tree Products not only offers a 30 days money back policy but also one year warranty. Now that’s a promise of quality! Fogless Shower Mirrors are affordably priced at $29.95 and can be bought on


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