Does this look like a scene in your house?  Upsidedown cup thrown aside in a moment of play.  Or perhaps more like a cup dropped like your child from exhaustion?  I have tried so many cups to see if they could withstand these familiar scenarios to no avail, until Tommee Tippee.  The Explora ®truly spill proof is truly spill proof.  It is amazing.  I have shaken it upsidedown, thrown it across the room, and have found it laying in every place a cup should not be!  Still no spills!  The secret is in the Advance Flo technology (which by the way is super easy to unassemble and reassemble).  On the package it says that it is for 24 months and up; however, Mason, just turned one and he has no problem sucking the yummy goodness out of the inside.  I love that the inside stays inside!!  Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and You Tube.