Modern life can be expensive. Everything costs money, from cell phones to groceries, so anyone working a low paid job is likely to struggle. However, don’t worry because there are ways to reduce your monthly expenditure and end up with a bit more cash in your pocket as a result – and here’s how.
Create a Budget: Until you take a good look at where your money goes, you won’t have a clue where you can make savings. Go through bank statements, check books, and make a list of what goes out every month.
Cancel Unnecessary Payments: Are you paying for a gym membership you never use? If so, cancel it immediately. There is little point in paying out for services you don’t need. It’s like throwing money away.
Shop in Discount Grocery Stores: Upmarket grocery stores are lovely, but it is a lot cheaper to buy the same ingredients from a local discount store instead. Buy in bulk where possible, as this will save you cash. In addition, don’t forget to keep an eye out for food at the end of its sell-by date, as this is always reduced.
Prepare Home Cooked Food: Convenience food is convenient when you don’t have much time to spend in the kitchen, but it is a lot more expensive. Preparing meals using fresh, locally sourced ingredients will be cheaper and more nutritious.
Grow Your Own Veggies: Do you have a backyard or windowsill? If so, try growing your own veggies. Start with easy to grow plants such as beans and tomatoes and then move up to more challenging vegetables. Homegrown organic vegetables and fruit are so much tastier!
Apply for a Free Cell Phone: It is a costly business trying to keep up with the cost of a cell phone. Luckily, anyone struggling on a reduced income is entitled to a free cell phone from the Lifeline Assistance Program. You can find out more about ‘Obama phones’ from the company website.
Buy Second Hand Clothes: New clothes are often very expensive, particularly if you like to wear designer brands. Shopping in thrift stores is a good way to pick up used garments at bargain prices. If you shop around, you might even find some amazing designer brands.
Walk/Cycle instead of Drive: Cars are expensive, so instead of paying lots of money to run a car, try to walk or cycle everywhere. Every kilometer you cover on foot or bicycle will save you money in fuel. It is also a lot better for your health, so make the switch today.
Downsize to a Smaller Home: Do you have more rooms than you need? If so, you can save money on energy by downsizing to a smaller property.
Move to a Cheaper Area: Whether you own or rent your home, you should be able to cut costs by moving to a cheaper area.
There are lots more ways to slash your monthly bills, so see how creative you can get.