Benefits of a Video Baby Monitor

Nobody ever said having two kids was going to be easy. I’m not really sure why I even thought that it might be in the first place. I can tell you first hand that having multiple children is probably the hardest thing that I have EVER done in my entire life. Between the crying, whining, nagging, tantrums, and 400 questions every day, I sometimes feel like I can’t catch up with my own thoughts. I cherish every moment that I have with my children, but boy do I love bedtime! I also really enjoy any time when the children are playing quietly in their own rooms. This is why I love my video baby monitor!

5 Benefits of a Video Baby Monitor

5 Benefits of a Video Baby Monitor

  1. Monitor Playtime: Any parent knows that if it is too quiet, you might have a problem. A video baby monitor allows you to keep a watchful eye over everything that happens in the kids’ room. No need to sprint across the house to check if the markers were put away the night before!
  2. Know When Baby is Really Awake: My baby has supersonic ears. I swear she hears everything. If I tiptoe outside of her bedroom door, she wakes up! Having the camera allows me to check on her to make sure she is actually awake versus tossing and turning.
  3. Multiple Camera Option: Having two kids, I need multiple sets of eyes. Fortunately, my  VTech VM343 is expandable up to 4 cameras. I can have one is each room and know that things are under control.
  4. Security: With a husband in law enforcement, we can never be too guarded or on our toes. One of the very first things that I decided that I loved about the  VTech VM343 is the security I feel. I can keep a watchful eye on my home and family.
  5. Talk Back Feature: This is the greatest feature in the world when you have toddlers. Especially ones who won’t sleep. I talk to Aidan and tell him that he needs to stop playing and go to bed. Over and over again. But at least I don’t have to get up to do it now!

Having a video baby monitor is absolutely a must have in any home with small children. As I mentioned, I have the  VTech VM343 . I am absolutely obsessed with it! I love that I can keep an eye on the kids with the camera’s full-color, high-resolution video equipped with night vision on a large 4.3-inch LCD screen.

Top 5 Benefits of a Video Baby Monitor

It’s great that I can keep an eye on my little ones, and how super easy it is using the VM343 monitor’s remote pan and tilt camera featuring 2x zoom. It pans up to 270 degrees side-to-side and tilts as many as 120 degrees up and down! In the picture above, I was able to capture a sweet moment between Aidan and Avery. You can’t see Avery in the shot, but Aidan is sweetly talking to her and teaching her how to build a castle with his blocks. It can expand to up to 4 cameras, and I am thinking about getting one for my living room, since the kids like to play in there when Chris and I are in other rooms. I love being able to curl up on the couch after a long day and know that the kids are both safe and sound in their bedrooms!

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