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Top Choices For A Great Fall Handbag

Handmade Designer Bags

Wouldn’t it be great to find handmade designer bags that don’t have a designer price tag?  I am always looking out for a great bag at a great price.  The problem is that finding that elusive item is they are..well…elusive!  I have gone to those stores the commercials tell you that sell designer accessories at an affordable price.  Well, they may sell something that could be misconstrued as a designer knockoff, but that would infer that the bag at least resembled the brand they were knocking off.  Yeah, dumb idea.  So, the next best thing is to find a great artist that can actually make a good bag at an affordable price.  Before you decide what designer you want your bag to be fashioned after, you may want to know what is hot for fall this year.  Here are just a few options for you:

  • Clutches are making a comeback this season.  You are going to make a splash at any party with leather, faux reptile or a cute fabric print bag.  A clutch is a perfect choice for a night out when all you need is a debit card, some cash for tips, your license and lipstick.  Perfect for a clutch!!
  • Laptop bags are also popular now as more and more women are on the go when they work.  Just about any day of the week you can find a woman sitting in a coffee shop with her laptop open.  For these women, they want a smart looking bag for their laptop, so soft leather or a shearling trimmed bag is hot right now.
  • A lot of women from Hollywood have taken to carrying a hobo style bag on their errands.  You can see Halle Berry, Victoria Beckham and Gwen Stefani with a child on one hand and a hobo bag on the other. Usually you will see these bags in a retro print or a cute floral.

A Bag For Everything

As a busy mom, I need to find a bag for everything.  I need a bag that can hold my wallet, smartphone, iPad and various kid friendly items.  I also wanted to find someone who was versatile enough to make bags for laptops, Kindle’s and all the other electronic goodies we are all addicted to!!  I have always been a sucker for a colorful floral print and I could not be happier than I am with my bag from Melissa’s Borsa Bella Design store online, and you can find Melissa’s designs in her Etsy shop as well.  As I could not decide on the right bag, I asked Melissa, the owner and designer of Borsa Bella Design for her help.  Melissa sent me her Mystery Of Color Hobo Bag ($63.00).  I LOVE this bag!! I have a ton of room to fit everything I need and even things I didn’t need!!  I can even put my netbook in there for good measure.  I do want to point out the impeccable and beautiful craftsmanship of the bags from Borsa Bella.  I have reviewed a good number of bags, and my bag from Borsa Bella is right up there in my list of favorites!  I know it sounds corny, but you really can tell that Melissa puts a lot of love into each of her designs and it shows in her handiwork!  Thank you Melissa for such an awesome bag!!

One reader will win a $50 gift certificate to be used at Borsa Bella Designs

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  1. Pink Crystal Small Gadget Roo bag with pockets is my favorite — I’ve been looking for a bag to put my daughters ipod nano in since last xmas. This is exactly what I need and I don’t think there is anything else out there on the market!

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