Christmas Gift Ideas For Food Lovers

If you have a food lover on your gift list, you may be thinking about looking for the best Christmas Gift Ideas For Food Lovers.  My daughter and her boyfriend are all about cooking and entertaining and they love to try new things.  Their latest endeavor was experimenting with gastronomy and molecular cooking. I am not sure about eating my eggs as a whipped topping!  I was interested to see what other foodie themed gifts were out in the world, so I did a little search and here are some neat ideas I found:

Christmas Gift Ideas For Food Lovers

  • Wine Tasting:  What goes better with a foodie lover than some wine to wash it down with?!  You can purchase a blind wine tasting kit for 4 and it is really clever.  Imagine inviting one of your favorite couples over for dinner and bringing out the wine tasting kit?  Very unique.
  • Olive Oil Sprayer:  This is a great gift for two reasons; the oil comes out as a mist, so you use less, so you are saving money and you are saving calories as well.
  • Food boxes:  This is a really unique trend that is really taking off. Each month, your foodie will receive a different box filled with different items which can include gourmet crackers, oils, and foods from around the world.  My favorite of the monthly food boxes would absolutely be Love With Food.  This company offers some really unique food items but they also have a lot to offer on their website and they have a great program I cannot wait to tell you about!

Sample Gourmet Food

Sample Gourmet Food

Most foodies would love the opportunity to sample gourmet food from around the world.  I bet if you are a foodie, your taste buds are tingling just thinking about it!!  Love With Food is a monthly subscription that is by far miles ahead of the competition. Yes, they have some mind blowing food to offer but they also have a ton of great recipes on their website, you can purchase food related items and you can meet some great chefs.  You can order a monthly box one at a time for $12.00 or you can buy them 3, 6 or 12 months, which will earn you bonus points.  I absolutely loved my October box.  Here is what I received:

  • Organic tea from Umi
  • Blackberry honey straws
  • Cranberry orange cookies
  • Mountain mumbo mix
  • Baked cheddar cheese sticks
  • Applesauce in a pouch
  • Strawberry sesame strips

I want to tell you the honey straws were a huge hit with the kids and they are perfect with a cup of tea. I am going to purchase more of the straws to give with a cute tea cup and a flavored tea for a Christmas gift.  The strawberry sesame strips were an explosion of happiness in my mouth!!  I got to have two of my favorite flavors on one tasty cracker.  YUMMY.  For the month of October, Love With Food partnered with Cloud Mom (, a sweet place you can get advice, tips and how to videos from mom of 5, Melissa Lawrence.  Before I sign off, I want to tell you about the amazingly caring folks that run Love With Food.  When you buy a box from Love With Food, they donate a box of food to those in need.  So far the members of the Love With Food community have donated over 17,400 boxes of food to fight childhood hunger. Just think, for each box you order, a child will not go to bed hungry because of you!!   I could not be more honored to introduce you to such a generous and loving company like Love With Food.

Just for our Makobi Scribe readers, if you order a box from Love With Food, you will receive $2.00 off.

One reader will win a box from Love With Food ($12.00)

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  3. I have acquired a taste for a variety of teas because of my daughter-in-law’s passion for tea. She brought me some Numi’s Orange Spice in the tea bags and I absolutely love it!

  4. not sure if my comment went through, computer error : / …The tea and mulling spices would be great in this cold weather right about NOW! mmm love tea in the fall!

  5. Montogomery Inn Barbecue sauce, I can’t get enough of this stuff 🙂 It’s from my hometown…and the bottles my Mom sent are completely gone…it’s great to know I can get it someplace other than through my parents or the restaurant itself!!!!

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