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Top Five Holiday Gifts For Cat Owners

I am a huge Christmas person and start planning for it well in advance. I have my eyes open for great deals throughout the year and will store stuff for my kids at my sister’s. Around August or September, I will start putting the bigger gifts on layaway (this year it is a Playstation 3). My poor kitties on the other hand usually suffer around the holidays. I tend to flake when it comes to getting them something for the holidays. This year, I wanted to be sure I did not let them slip through the cracks. Do you have a cat lover on your gift list and need some ideas?

The Top 5 Gifts For Cat Owners

  1. Gift Cards: A gift card is always a safe bet for a pet owner. Find out their favorite pet store, make sure they offer gift cards and pick up one. Make sure you choose an amount that will allow your recipient to get something nice!
  2. Automatic Litter Box: Most cat owners will tell you the thing they hate the most is cleaning the litter box. I know I do! Why not give your favorite cat owner an automatic litter box that cleans itself? Puuurrrfect.
  3. Cat Furniture: Cats love to climb and if you have an indoor cat, that can be a problem. If this is the case, get them something to climb on.
  4. Carriers: Believe it or not, many cat owners do not have a nice carrier. Because we take out pets to the vet on a regular basis, we need a comfortable and sturdy carrier. By them a soft carrier with handles that makes it easy to carry.
  5. Scratching Post: Cats with claws need to sharpen and file their claws. They way they do this is by scratching. If you do not have an appropriate scratching item for them, they will scratch your furniture. For me, I love the SkratchKabin™ from KatKabin.

The original KatKabin® was designed by Elvira Brocher, an innovator from Hungary. This clever product was a shelter for cats that could be used either in or outdoors. Your cat can play, hide or have shelter from the elements when outside. The KatKabin® is great for your deck, patio, garden, family room or den. If you are an apartment dweller and want to give your kitty a taste of the outdoors, the KatKabin® is great for your balcony. Because it is lightweight and portable, the KatKabin® can be easily transported when you travel or have your kitty boarded.

I was sent the SkratchKabin™ from KatKabin® in Blueberry, which sells for $99 on the KatKabin® website. This fantastic piece of cat scratching furniture is AWESOME!! It gives your cat a warm and cozy place to sleep as well as a textured scratching surface. Your kitty can relax and scratch with this 2-in-1 product. It comes with a  machine washable KatKushion, a toy hanger  with a sisal mouse and is available in 3 colors (Oatmeal, Blueberry and Cocoa). Hazel could not wait to jump on the SkratchKabin™ the moment I opened the box. Literally, she almost knocked me out of her way to get to it! What I love about the SkratchKabin™ is with two cats, one can be sleeping inside while the other is playing on the outside. You can also purchase the The KatKabin® DezRez, which is similar to the SkratchKabin™ without the textured scratching surface. Be sure to follow KatKabin® on Facebook and Twitter.

One USA reader will win a KatKabin® SkratchKabin™ ($99) in their choice of color


  1. I work at an animal shelter and I think the cats would love the  
    NEW SkratchKabin cat bed cat scratcher in Oatmeal. Anything to bring them comfort is appreciated. This looks perfect!

  2. i WOULD like the SkratchKabin in blue. The boys would skratch the heck out of it and enjoy every minute of it!

  3. Our cats would love the Skratchkabin in Blueberry, they like fun colors 🙂 I think they’d love the DoubleDoor Katkabin, too!

  4. We would love to have the NEW SkratchKabin cat bed cat scratcher in Cocoa, awesome!! I know my kitties would enjoy this for years to come! Thanks, hopes up & paws crossed!

  5. I think I would want he automatic cleaning cat litter tray. That would really save time. However, I think my cat would love the KatKabin. Thanks for the giveaway.

  6. I would love to have the KatKabin® outdoor cat house. I need about 6 of them. lol I have at least 6 feral cats that I have been feeding. I have actually trapped two and had them neutered. I would love to have outdoor cat houses to set on my deck for the cats could have a safe place to sleep. Of course my indoor cat would love that, too.

  7. I like the KatKabin, it gets cold here in the Maine winters, so this would be wonderful for when kitty wants to go out, but it’s cold…

  8. I would love the Premium Combination KatKabin as we seem to have gained another outdoor cat recently. Not allowed to get near him but he sure can demand food!

  9. scratch cabin for sure! Hope I win! I am getting the kids a cat for xmas so this would be great to give them before I bring the cat in.

  10. I would love to have an automatic litter box cleaner, but my cat could care less about that. As a matter of fact, she drags the grocery bags into her litter box before we finish unloading groceries and putting the bags away. She loves to make a mess and scratch cardboard boxes all to pieces. She would love to have the original KatKabin. I hope I win if she sees it because she will be very pest if she doesn’t. Thanks fo the giveaway!

  11. i love the NEW SkratchKabin cat bed cat scratcher in Cocoa Bean would look stylish in my house and my new kitten would love it.thats if i can keep the dog out of it lol either way they would play in it together and love it

  12. I like the Kat Kabin outdoor cat house. Thanks for the super giveaway opportunity. Keep up the terrific blogging.

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