Top Five Must Have Pool Accessories

It is getting warm and that means we can open up the pool soon! My kids will start bugging us about the pool in February and will want to keep it open until at least November! When I am getting ready for pool season, I usually need to replace several items that we lost or broke or outgrew the year before. We have a list of things that we cannot leave home without when we are going to the pool and I bet many of them are on your list as well. Here are my must haves, what are yours?

  1. Goggles:Henry will not even get near the water unless he has his goggles on. It does not matter if it is salt water, fresh water or pool water, because he won’t go near it with his eyes naked!
  2. Balls: Both kids must take an assortment of balls with them to the pool. They love the squish balls that you can soak with water and throw at each other. Of course, we also must have the obligatory beach ball so they can play volleyball with that too. We also love the floating basketball game you can buy at the retail store.
  3. Diving Sticks: Henry was afraid of the water and would not even get into the shallow end of the pool until he was 8. He just learned to swim 2 years ago and since then, he has been swimming like a fish. Last year he got hooked on playing with diving sticks that a friend had and we had to get a set for him as well.
  4. Beach Chair:I do not always get in the pool, so when we go to the pool, I must have a comfortable beach chair. I like to take a good book and read while the kids are swimming. It is my little slice of quiet time that I do not normally get.
  5. Float:When I do get into the pool, I must have a good float. I am more about relaxing than I am about swimming. If I can find a float that is comfortable, I am all over it! One company that is a leader in the industry that is known for their quality water accessories is SwimWays. With a name like that, they must know about water, right?!

Must Have Pool Accessories

I was thinking about the list of items I just wrote about and I had to laugh.  I know each family is different, but we all have that list of things that if anything on it is forgotten, it can wreak havoc for the whole day! Because my husband is usually working, I am the one who takes the kids to the pool. The place we go to most often has a pretty good walk from the parking area to the pool tiself. I hate trying to juggle all that stuff and get to the pool without dropping it.

When I saw that SwimWays had the perfect float that had a carrying case, I knew I had to have one! The SwimWays Spring Float unfolds easily, takes a minute to blow up and you are ready to float. I love that the pillow is actually big enough to fit your head! When you are ready to go home, all you do is deflate the Spring Float, fold it up and slip it into the carrying case. The mesh fabric is perfect for hitting the water with and will dry almost instantly. I love this float and my kids have already put in a bid for one for each of them as well! You can purchase the Spring Float from the SwimWays online store for $29.95, along with a wide variety of water accessories including safety swim items for the little ones.

One USA reader will win one SwimWay Spring Float ($29.95)


  1. I love the Floating Pool Chairs they look like they’d be perfect for me and my neck (6surgeries left a lot of pain and scar tissue making it painful to do nothing like sitting on a float) these look like they have great neck support!!

  2. I like the Spring Float Recliner. I think I could spend hours in the pool if I had that float.

  3. I have a pool in my backyard and definitely can say the favorite is the spring float recliner with canopy!

  4. I like the Spring Float Recliner with Canopy. Because I’m a scorcher, rather than a tanner.


  6. I like the Baby Spring Float Sun Canopy – Mommy & Me. Thanks!
    – Beth Ann Erwin facebook/rafflecopter

  7. I love the Spring Float Recliner XL. It’s big enough that one of my grandkids can get on it with me.

  8. Floating Pool Lights must be the coolest thing I have seen I love to go out at nigh to the pools or hot tubs not sure they would work there but they are are very cute and like able Thanks for showing the site off

  9. I like the Sea DIve Charms and my granddaughters love to dive to bottom of the pool and gather rings, sticks, etc. these would be great..

  10. I LOVE the Spring float recliner. If you read this I have a question. I’m not sore I’m doing log into this post and like? I want to be honest. I’m trying to do it. I logged into your FB site and also have posted on my FB page. I’m just confused.

  11. I know a lot of others have said this, but I have to go with the Spring Float with Canopy as my favorite product! I like that you can float around and put some shade on your face and be able to read a book. Love it!

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