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Top Five Ways To Relieve Stress #StressLess2BMyBest

This sponsored blog post is part of a paid SocialMoms and RESCUE blogging program. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own. Stress is something that everyone deals with, and many have heavier burdens than I. How we deal with the stress generated by our everyday routines goes a long way towards determining how happy we are. I feel that sharing information with other people who are going through the same types of feelings is useful. In that spirit, I’ve compiled a few of the things I do to relieve stress:

Top Five Ways To Relieve Stress

  1. Stay Positive: Keep on the sunny side. It’s advice that we all have heard before, and we probably can do a better job of following. Positive thinking is a key component of stress relief.
  2. Keep It Fun: I have a lot of daily responsibilities, with two kids, two cats and innumerable plants. I make a conscious effort to balance my everyday tasks with relaxing activities to relieve stress. I like to play a game with my boys. It can be anything from a board game to I Spy. It can even be productive, like a clothing pickup competition. The only caveat is keeping it fun!
  3. Exercise: I love to do yoga. It stretches out all my aches and pains without tiring me out for the rest of the day. It’s relaxing and I can do it whenever I get a chance during my day. Everyone can find an activity that they enjoy to keep the body moving. Walking, aerobics, swimming, the list is endless and runs the gamut from thrilling to sedate. Find something active that you love to do.
  4. Massage: I have a massage chair that I like to sit in. It runs through a cycle of vibrations that work on my legs, back and shoulders. I can be watching television or working on my laptop and I get up relaxed and refreshed. There are many ways to get similar benefits, from two tennis balls in a sock (roll against the floor or a wall with your back) or a professional masseuse. If you are lucky, you know a friend who is trained and needs subjects to work on.
  5. Reach out: You are never alone, no matter what you’re going through. There’s always someone else who is dealing with the same thing. We have a great advantage over our ancestors. We can easily communicate with others on a level they never could have dreamed of. The internet gives us access to people dealing with whatever problems exist. Social campaigns like #StressLess2BMyBest bring people together to relieve stress.

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What do you do to relieve stress?

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