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Top Games For Your Family

Fun Board Games For The Whole Family

Now that the kids are older, we are able to play fun board games for the whole family.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a good game of Chutes and Ladders as much as the next mom, but I am glad to advance up the game ladder a few steps.  The kids are very dedicated to the whole family game night idea and we are always in the market for a new and fun game to play.  We are partial to really silly games due to a family tradition I have..making someone laugh so hard they shoot something out of their nose.  My best so far was making my sister shoot corn and milk out of her nose, so that was like a double payday!!  Ok, enough about the gross stuff and on to the game stuff.  What are your family’s favorite games?  Here are a few of ours:

  •  Charades!  I can never get tired of playing charades.   What a fun game to play for an ice breakers at a party or family game night or een a big family reunion.
  • Art has been a favorite since I was young, so it is really special to color, and cut and paste different things with my kids.  Now that Chelsea is 25, you would think she was too old to play games with her younger siblings, but whenever she comes to visit, she is always up for a art session, which is a favorite of hers since she is an artiest herself..
  • Hide and Seek is an old game favorite among most kids.  What is great about hide in seek is that most people cannot help but giggle, so f-hiding them is always easiest.

New Games For Family Game Night

Since I have become a reviewer for this awesome blog, I have been given some great new games for family game night.  Although we have a good handful of games, I think you can never have too many!! This way we are never board!  Recently, I was offered a new game to review that I had not heard of.  Rollick! Is a great game from The Game Chef, that the whole family can play and any age can have a great time with it.  It is a bit like charades except you have a team acting out the clue rather than one person.  This game is very fast paced and it is absolutely fun for the entire family.  With more than 750 clues, you are able to play this game over and over without repeating a clue that has already been played.  I was worried that the kids may not be able to have as much fun as the adults, but actually, they had more fun than the adults did!  This was a great way to burn off some steam from being cooped up in the house when we had a long stretch of rainy weather.  I would highly recommend this addictive game for everyone.  You can buy this award winning game from Amazon, Toys R Us, Kmart and several online stores.

One reader will win one copy of Rollick! ($24.99)

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