Portable Speaker Dock For iPods

Portable Speaker Dock For iPods

If you are a fan of Apple, you may already have a portable speaker dock for iPods.  If not, you may want to add that to your to buy list.  The great thing about portable speaker docks is that they have a 2 in 1 function; charging your device and enjoying the tunes coming through the speakers.  If you think this is a really cool accessory for your iPod device, be it a phone or MP3 player, you should see what else it hot right now.

Electric Friends

  •  A solar powered charging device is awesome, especially for busy people who are always on the run.  What is great about a solar powered charger is that is charges your phone just as fast, if not faster than a traditional battery.  You can find some great solar powered chargers for under $50.
  • If you are a cyclist, there is a cool product just for you!  A bike mount for your iPhone phone will keep you in touch even while you are out for a ride.  This bike mount also works on stationary exercise bikes, so even if you are working out in the gym, you won’t miss an important call.
  • If you just can’t get used to the touch pad for text messaging on your new iPhone, you have an out!  You can now find iPhone cases that have a transitional keyboard.  Even longtime fans of the touch screen have said the case is great for going old school.

Portable Speakers For iPod

Portable Speakers For iPods

If you are outdoors or on the go constantly, portable speakers for iPods is a great thing to have.  With portable speakers you can enjoy your song list no matter where you are.  What?  Did you say you want really cute portable speakers for your Apple device?  Ok, done!  Meet the new Electric Friends collection of friendly characters that are there to dock or bring you great sound quality from your iPhone or iPod.  I was offered one of the Electric Friend characters to review and I happily chose Chew Chew the Dog ($69.99).  I was very impressed with the clear and quality sounds coming from the 5 watt speakers that happen to be in Chew Chew’s ears!  There is a volume control on the side of Chew Chews ears, which is great, especially if you are used to trying to feel your way around a more traditional option.  I love that you can either power your Electric Friend with 4 AA batteries or you can plug it into a power source.  There are four cute little guys to choose from; Chew Chew the Dog, Sing Sing the Panda, KiKi the Cat and Kwack Kwack the Duck.  If you are interested in owning one of these cute but effective little things, you better move fast as these things are flying off the shelves!!