Gadgets For Your Tween
Are you in the market for the latest tech gadgets for your tween?  I sure am.  Now that Caitlin has reached her tween status, her tastes have begun to mature right along with the rest of her!  I was raised in a house filled with music and I have done the same. Chelsea sings and plays several stringed instruments and Caitlin plays the violin and is in Honors Chorus at school.  All of the items on Caitlin’s wish list this year are tech and music related. I was not sure what was in this season, so I decided to take a quick look at what the internet had to say.  I found some really great suggestions and I wanted to share them with you in the event you are in the market for the same things I am.

Gadgets For Your Tween

 Projector: This is a really cool gadget not only for tweens but for the entire family.  Most projectors come with built in speakers and are able to project your favorite shows, DVD’s or movie onto any surface you like.  We have a neighbor that uses this each year at Halloween.  They project a kid friendly movie on their garage door and invite the younger kids to chill out and watch Monsters Inc.

Fabric Cables: This is a really cool item that your tween can match to their décor.  These USB cables are covered in a variety of fabrics, patterns and colors and at only $9.00 each, this is a pretty unique stocking stuffer.

Emergency Cell Phone: For those of us who aren’t quite ready to give our tween a phone, there is a great alternative.  The emergency cell phone can call 911, is covered in a durable rubber casing, has an LED display and can work with or without a sim card.

Headphones: If your tween is a music lover like mine, headphones or ear buds are always a solid choice.  We have had the hardest time finding ear buds for Caitlin.  Every stinking pair we have bought have been too big and hurt her ears.  I had just about given up looking when I was introduced to a great company by the name of Subjekt.  This company has 3 main points to their mission statement; quality products, affordability and crisp clear sound.
Headphones For Girls

Headphones For Girls

So I have been looking for headphones for girls for a few months now and have not found any that were suitable for Caitlin’s small ears.  Caitlin prefers to have ear buds, while Henry likes good old fashioned over the head phones.  The kids are almost always either on the computer, playing their handheld games or listening to music.  My one rule is that they can listen to whatever they want, as long as I don’t hear it.  I was lucky enough to receive HerPhones ($24.99), which are petite earphones with a mic for smaller ears.  The HerPhones are 40% smaller than traditional earphone and they fit Caitlin perfectly. The sound is incredibly clear and you don’t get any outside interference, which I love.  The HerPhones are lightweight and with the volume control on the phones, Caitlin has all she needs wrapped up in this little package and she absolutely loves them.  For Henry, he received the T.N.T.’s which are comfortable and gives the most crystal clear sound from any pair of headphones I have ever used.  When Henry first put them on, his eyes got really big and he said, “Mom!  The sound is so awesome!!”  It was funny because he said this while he was listening to The Cheeseburger Song from Veggie Tales, so he was yelling! Hilarious!!  If you are looking for a solid pair of ear or headphones without spending an arm and a leg, you can’t lose with Subjekt.

One reader will win their choice between a pair of the HerPhones ($24.99) or the T.N.T. Headphones ($49.99).


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  1. Those all are really cool! For me these, I like the best, because my ears give me a fit with even earrings on, so I rarely wear them. Have yet to find a comfortable set of headphones or earbuds. I would pick HerPhones-Petite-Earphones-with-Mic-Blue.

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  3. Pulse Bluetooth Headphones + Mic—– Paul T/Pauline T aka Paol Trenny ….. emscout9 at Hotmail dot com

  4. Besides the HerPhones(Finally some that will stay in my ears!! yay)
    I really like the yellow Subjekt Amp’d Earphones

  5. In the comment section on the blog, tell me what your favorite product is

    Tempo Battery Free Acoustic Amplifier for iPhone 4 / 4S

  6. I would like to try the Tempo Battery Free Acoustic Amplifier for iPhone. Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  7. I like the TNT headphones that have a low profile design and provide crystal clear sound! On my boys birthday lists too!

  8. For some reason the website wouldn’t load for me, but my family would love some new headphones.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  9. I like the tempo since I’m always using my iphone to listen to music and I don’t have a docking station or anything, BUT the herphones seem very cool. I need the smaller size, other in ear headphones make my ears hurt… ouch!

  10. I love the TNT headphones with mic in Rogue Status White! I listen to the radio all day at work and we have to wear headphones! My little ones are always falling out of my ears so these would be perfect!

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