Planning to run away from the heat and pollution? Tired of living in loud, stressful and busy places? When you are tired of living the same stressful life again and again and looking for a peaceful and beautiful place to relax and enjoy, Corsica is the best destination. Corsica is an island in the Mediterranean Sea located west of the Italian Peninsula. This island is famous for its peaceful atmosphere, beautiful scenario, art and sports. With every passing year, more and more people are getting attracted towards this island because of its famous tourist destinations. If you are planning to take a trip, here are Top Reasons to Visit Corsica in summer

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    • Ajaccio: The natural beauty of Ajaccio enchants visitors. The town has a majestic seaside setting with mountain peaks in the distance and sandy beaches nearby. Ajaccio is the largest town and capital of Corsica famous for Maison Bonaparte, a house-made-museum where Napoleon Bonaparte was born. You can take a ferry from anywhere in Italy to Corsica or Ajaccio and visit the museum. For better travel, you can book the ferry from and enjoy getting in touch with history.
    • Bastia: Bastia is Corsica’s Principal port founded in 1380. The town has a picturesque old harbour and a quaint old fishing village. Bastia is famous for its churches, chapels and citadel. If you want to get in touch with Corsica’s history and religion then visiting Bastia is the best option.
    • Bouches de Bonifacio Nature Reserve: Bouches de Bonifacio Natural reserve is one of the largest natural reserve in Corsica, France. It is spread in large part of island boosting varied vegetation in most of the Mediterranean islands. It is said that the reserve has incredible biodiversity with more than 300 varieties of plants, amazing birdlife and marine life. You will find various protected and rare species of birds and fish in this reserve.
    • Sartene: A very beautiful location above the Rizzanese Valley in the fertile Sartenais Region is considered the “most Corsican” of all the old cities in Corsica. This beautiful city is famous for its art and history dating back from middle ages. When you are coming to Sartene, never miss the carnival of Corsica, the Eglise Santa-Maria-Assunta and the town hall as these are major tourist points.
    • Beaches: The Island is known for its beaches, sea and beauty all around. You can find a wide variety of beaches in Corsica, but the beaches near Porto Vecchio are not to be missed. One of the most famous beach is Plage de Palombaggia, famous for its wide sandy shore and crystal clear and calm water. So, if your bags are packed and coming to Corsica then this is the beach to spend a day. Enjoy, relax and calm your mind at this beautiful beach, watch the sunset and come back energised and refreshed.