Road Safety Tips For Bike Riders

I am not sure who was more ready for spring to get here, me or the kids! With all of that dreadful snow and being cooped up in the house, we were getting a bit stir crazy. I mean, you can only play so many games and watch so many movies and cartoons, right?! The first day to reach a temperature above 50 degrees, the kids were outside. Caitlin was cleaning out the shed and scavenging for all the outdoor toys. Henry was dusting off his skateboard, scooter and bicycle and was whizzing down the cul de sac within minutes. When I saw him on his bike, I remembered it was the perfect time to review road safety tips for bike riders with the kids. Here they are so you can share them with your family!

Top Safety Rules For Bike Riders

Top Safety Rules For Bike Riders

  1. Size Matters: One common cause of bicycle accidents with kids is riding a bike of the wrong size. If a bike is either too small or too large, it can cause them to be unbalanced and therefore causing them to fall.  Until your child reaches adulthood, each year you should measure them and confirm the proper size bike for them.
  2. Cover That Noggin: Bike helmets are a must, as brain injuries are a devastating result of many bicycle accidents where the rider was not wearing a helmet. Just as you must measure your kids each year for the proper size bike, you must do so for their helmet. If a helmet is ill fitting it can have damaging repercussions.
  3. Road Rules: It is imperative to teach your kids the rules of bicycling on or near the street as this is where some of the most severe and life threatening accidents can occur. Even when riding on the sidewalk, kids should be aware of the traffic near them. When crossing a street, they should walk, not ride their bikes. They should learn the hand signals for turning, stopping and slowing, stop for red lights and stop signs and avoid obstacles like puddles, wet leaves, etc.
  4. Be Seen: When riding during the day, you should wear brightly colored clothing.  Adding reflector strips to your helmet or shirt is an added bonus. You should also add lights to your bicycle so it can be seen during inclement weather or at dark. We have been out riding after dinner and let the time get away from us and has to ride our bikes the short way home at dusk. Had we not had our bike lights from Monkeylectric, we could have been at a terrible risk.

monkey lights

I am a huge “Helicopter Mom” and my kids get so annoyed with me! Even though we live on a cul de sac with only a few houses on the street, I still make the kids wear helmets and observe the rules of the road. Because we have so little traffic on our street, I do not mind if they ride in the evening. When they ride in the late afternoon or later, they must have their Monkeylectric lights on when they ride. These brightly colored and patterned weatherproof LED bike lights keep the kids visible to me and to any drivers on the road. I love them because they give me that added peace of mind and the kids love them because they are “wicked cool.” We received the M232 Monkey Light set, which sells for $60 through Amazon USA and is also available through selected bike dealers worldwide.

The MonkeyFX system provides thousands of patterns in a variety of colors which can be seen at up to 10 mph. When your bike wheel spins, the digital light art creates a magical array of up to 48 themes with hundreds of colors combinations, creating a mesmerizing mini light show! It was super easy to install (the kids did it themselves) and they were up and running in less than 15 minutes. It was really funny to see the neighbors come out to see what “those crazy lights” were the first night the kids tested them out! The Monkey Lights work on bikes which are 20″ and up, are made of super tough rubber and attach to the spokes. They are powered by 3 AA batteries, can run for up to 25 hours and because the battery pack is attached to the bike’s hub, the bike stays balanced. Here is a cool Monkeylectric YouTube video which conveys more clearly what I am trying to say and show through pictures.

On a personal note, this product had an extra bonus I would not have thought of. Caitlin had been worrying about gaining a few pounds and being stuck inside is not conducive for keeping the kids active. After we put the Monkey Lights on her bike, Caitlin cannot wait to get out after school and ride her bike! What a fantastically fun and easy way to get her to exercise and get healthy! You can sign up for the Monkey Fun newsletter on the Monkeylectric homepage to receive a 10% OFF COUPON! One USA reader will win one $60 M232 Monkey Light set.

Where do you ride your bikes and which bike safety rule do you feel is most important?


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