Top Three Valentine's Day Gifts For Friends

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, I usually reserve my gift giving to my family. Once I left school and stopped giving paper Valentine’s in a box, I stopped giving all of my friends a Valentine. That said, I do have one very close friend who is like a sister to me and for her, I give exception to my rule. Carol has been there through thick and thin over the past 13 years and I could not ask for a better friend. She has supported me and my family and I hers. We love each other’s kids almost as much as our own and we take turns keeping the kids over the weekend. If you have a friend like that and want to give them something special this year, here are 3 Valentine’s Day gifts for friends you can give them:

3 Gifts For Friends This Valentine's Day

3 Gifts For Friends This Valentine’s Day

  1. A Specialty Basket: You can buy, but I prefer to make my own basket filled with goodies. This can be a basket with a spa theme, a movie night or overflowing with sweet goodies.
  2. A Framed Photograph: Last year, I gave Carol a framed picture of she and I from a party we attended a few years ago. We were both smiling and had out arms around each other and it was just perfect. I chose a pretty frame to match her decor and wrapped it up. I think she must have liked it because it made her cry!
  3. A Bouquet Of Fresh Flowers: Every girl loves to get flowers, especially if they are delivered. To make it even better, have them delivered to the office and you have a winner! Two years ago I sent Carol a beautiful bouquet of flowers to her office and she was flabbergasted! It was her first Valentine’s Day after her divorce and I knew she was pretty sad, so I wanted to do something I knew would really lift her spirits. I hit the nail right on the head!


When it comes to sending flowers, there is one company I can depend on to get it right and that is Teleflora. This company has a long history in the industry and has some of the most gorgeous and creative bouquets available. Teleflora offers fresh flowers, plants, gifts and more for any occasion. Teleflora’s Valentine’s Day flowers include a line which range from the romantic to the platonic.

You can send the Swirling Beauty Bouquet with the gorgeous red keepsake vase or the sweet Happy Hearts Bouquet. For Carol, I think I am going to send the peppy Polka Dots and Posies bouquet. When you order your flowers from Teleflora, be sure to use the coupon code FLOWERSY5, good through 6/15/14, to receive 20% off at Teleflora. You can click on the link and the discount will be applied or you can use the code at checkout, whichever is easier.

One USA reader will receive a $75 Gift Code (and $14.99 service fee is waved)

Which friend are you going to surprise this Valentine’s Day and what are you giving them?


  1. I’ll be sending my friend who moved to another state some flowers and possibly chocolate just to say I miss her!!

  2. I will surprise my sister is my best friend too. I give him a watch and of course fresh flowers that are your favorites.

  3. These are great ideas. I don’t send cards or gifts often but you know, it’d be a nice thing to do…something like sending a bouquet of flowers would just make someones day. So worth it.

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