Toys for Your Dog

Toys for Your Dog

Meet Chanel our little pooch helping me with an amazing fun review.  Believe it or not but this dog is 14 yrs old and still plays like a puppy only because we never stopped playing with her.  It is important to play with your dog with toys. Dogs love their toys and PetSmart knows that! Toys ‘R Us is also the new place where you can find toys for your dog as well.  I really think that’s awesome.

PetSmart has sent me 3 toys for this review, Yogi Bear, Caterpillar and Duck (so cute) which have a “SQUEEZE ME” feature – I received them very neatly packaged (which is really important) and there was no delay or shipping problems.

Chanel found her fave almost immediately, you guessed it, Yogi the Bear with the long colorful rope.  We tested all 3 toys and Yogi came out the winner because of its rope from where Chanel could get a good grasp and throw it back to us (well, at least cute attempts were made) No matter where we threw it, Chanel retrieved it.  It was really amazing to watch her play and truly enjoy herself.

Second preferred one is the Duck – so cute in itself… Almost tempted to get one for a newborn baby! On this one, she managed to bite on the “Squeeze Me” portion (button) which made her run all around our backyard – so funny! These exercises are great for Chanel (and your dog also) AND FOR US… she gets to sleep all night.

The Caterpillar was squeezed and over-squeezed – she loved the sound of it… but would not play with it.

We can find the Duck in her little bed while Yogi is by the back door ready for some outdoor fun.

Toys R Us Pet Collection

What I honestly like about the fact that these toys are included in the new Toys R Us Pet Collection. Children can choose the toy they want to play with their dogs.  While our children grow out of toys, dogs grow into them when we stimulate that energy and strengthen the bond between our dog and ourselves – you may get a smile from your pooch just like our happy and active Chanel in this photo.

Now for the giveaway – One lucky winner will receive a prize package including 3 toys from PetSmart’s Toys’R Us line… What a sweet prize!

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  1. I already follow PetSmart and makobiscribe on twitter, but I couldnt confirm it for the entry. Handle is @MelissaSimon8. Thanks for the contest! 🙂

  2. My dog loves all toys,especially ones that squeak or gives treats.She’s not very hard to please,but also LOVES destroying them.She loves a challenge =-)
    She also loves sleeping in her bed,3rd one’s a charm,the 1st 2 she decided to eat

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