Karina- gala

When I was in New York in August, I was shooting a commercial for a well-known brand, I was able to pick my dress for the interview. I had just come from a tour of the Karina Dresses studio and was armed with a suitcase full of dresses. I honestly had a really hard time choosing between all of them because they were so lovely. I finally settled on the Gala because I felt comfortable with the way that I looked and would at least not have to worry about that part.

You have seen many of the dresses featured right here on Makobi Scribe throughout my travel and fashion posts: My visit to the Karina StudioThe Karina Dress Love Club, and my dress reviews on the on the DaisyPenelope, Adele and Audrey (print) and hot pink as well as the beautiful favorite of mine the Halle. As you go through the dress posts, you can see my weight fluctuate and all of the dresses still fit. I love how my weight can go up and down and I do not have to keep buying new clothes!

Gala Travel dress

Travel Dresses For Women

Karina Dresses offers a wide selection of very stylish and durable dresses that are created for the busy, multi-tasking woman. This is me on a road trip, wearing my Gala dress, taking pictures on the side of the road. Their dresses are created from limited edition microfiber fabric that is flattering, breathable, and durable so travelling is really easy.  Karina Dresses are machine washable, can be drip dried, and require no ironing.   The style and ease of care make these dresses an obvious choice for the busy woman and the limited edition fabrics will let you be at your best.

Gala Karina Utah


Karina Dresses are made in the USA in Brooklyn with care by their seamstresses.  This allows Karina Dresses to keep their carbon footprint smaller than apparel manufacturers overseas.  The Gala dress is available direct from Karina Dresses for $160, but you can use code MAKOBISCRIBE30 for $30 off. They can also be purchased from a variety of different stores and boutiques across the country.


If you did not get exactly what you wanted for Christmas, why don’t you treat yourself? Karina Dresses is having a huge blockbuster sale where all of the dresses are $99! Act now before the sale ends!