How To Treat Your Feet With Comfort

For two things that are vitally important to us, we sure do treat our feet badly! We walk on them all day and then we come home and we may put them up for awhile, but we do not do anything special for them. In reality, we should take better care of our feet if we want them to continue to perform at their optimal level that we need and expect from them. I am really bad about not taking care of my feet either, so if you are in this group, do not feel badly! You are in quite good company! Here are some great tips for taking care of our tootsies from now on, OK?

  • Washing: When you get in the bath or the shower, your feet do not get as clean as you think they may. You need to get a washcloth and get in between your piggies and wash the day away. Even if you bathe every other day, you should still wash your feet daily. Dry completely.
  • Soaking: Give your feet a good, relaxing soak at least once a week. You should use warm water with a little mild soap, preferably one with a skin softener in it. Do not use Epsom salts as they dry your feet out and you do not want to get your feet dry and cracked. Dry completely.
  • Moisturize: After you have washed or soaked your feet, be sure to moisturize them well. Pay attention to the areas in between your toes as well as your heels as they get dry and cracked more easily.
  • Shoes: Do not wear the same shoes every day. Even if you wear a uniform, you should have two pairs of shoes and alternate them. Your shoes need to be able to air out, which cuts down on odor and infections.
  • Socks: You need to have good socks that will cushion and protect your feet. You should change your socks every day and if you exercise, you should change your socks after working out. Kushyfoot is a great hosiery company that no matter what your foot needs, they have you covered (sorry, could not resist).

How To Treat Your Feet With Comfort

I LOVE comfy socks and so do my kids. I guess I have passed down my love for socks of all kinds. I am not just stuck on socks, because I am equally enamored with tights, foot covers, yoga socks, toe socks, and just about any hosiery that goes on your feet. Well, I guess that is the only place they go, right? Anyway, Kushyfoot has the largest selection of high quality socks especially for addicts like me. They are well made with the finest materials, they fit fantastic and they are very popular. I was sent a variety of their latest athletic , yoga and slipper socks and Caitlin and I had a blast trying them all out!

We received the low cut sock with the ruffle in pink and in black (Caitlin’s favs) , the slipper socks in pink and in purple, the yoga sock in black and in natural, the mini crew (my favs) and the sport sock foot cover in black and white. I cannot tell you how soft these socks are and how comfortable your feet feel when you are wearing them. They fit snugly so you are struggling with a baggy sock being stuffed into an athletic shoe. The slipper socks are perfect for us as part of our house is non carpeted, and with the non skid bottom, we are not doing a Tom Cruise move like in Risky Business. If you are looking for a top notch sock that your whole family will love, will stand up to a lot of use and washes without losing its shape, Kushyfoot is for you!

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  1. Knee Socks
    USD $13.47 / 3 pairs in the color Denim. I thought they might be more expensive, but these are about the same price as Target. I love socks and especially good quality socks.

  2. I like the cute little slipper socks in black with pink trim. Thanks for the giveaway.

  3. I like the Mini Crew Diamond Design Top Socks

    Ladyblueeyez1960 (at)(aol)(dot)(com)

  4. I have a few Kushyfoot products, my favorite are the foot liners to wear with flats and heels, I especially like the lace ones, they look very classy and help keep my feet comfortable!

  5. My favorite product was the – Black Alligator Print Flats to Go®. The are really cute and you can’t beat the price! thank you

  6. I hate pantyhose and refuse to wear them, whose idea was it to invent an item of clothing that self destructs the moment you open the package? I will wear footless tights when the temperature dips below 40 degrees.

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