Treats for Dogs Barkersters Krisps Sweet Potatoes and Brown Rice

If you have a dog, you want him to have the best possible right? In our family, Fenway is a member of the family, not just a pet. He sleeps in our beds, cuddles with us on the couch, comforts us when we are down and plays with the kids. He tolerates tugging on the ears, the kids trying to ride on his back, and them forever teasing him with his bone. He deserves a good, delicious tasting treat just for him. Loving Pets carries a line of yummy tasting treats in a few varieties called Barksters. We were able to try Sweet Potato and Brown Rice. Mason preferred the Sweet Potato, but he still tried to eat the brown rice treats too! Mason is my kid. Yes, ew. We could not let Mason give Fenway treats because they were so good, he thought the were people treats. Sigh-gross kids-good dog. Fenway even shared (not by choice)!  Barksters were made holistic, and meant to be a great tasting, guilt-free treat. This means at only 12 calories each, we do not have to worry about Fenway gaining unwanted weight. Barksters support U.S. farmers and they are produced solely in the United States.

Barksters air-puffed krisps have the taste and crunch your dog will crave while keeping him fit and healthy. We guarantee they will have your dog barking for more!

When I was at BlogHer ’11 I also got a sample Loving Pets treat For Dogs Gourmet Meat Wrap. Since their was only one, Fenway did not share with Mason, but it looked good enough to eat. It was a meaty treat wrapped in bacon! You can get sample Loving Pets Treats by requesting one here. Check them out on Facebook and Twitter for more great deals and coupons!