Cute Sandals for Women

Cute Sandals For Women

With the warm weather approaching, it is time to find some cute sandals for women.  I love wearing sandals so I can show off my cute tootsies.  I live in sandals and flip flops practically all year, so when it is time for sandal shopping, I am there!  The one thing I cannot stand is the sandals that look really cute and comfortable and you try them on and they look great, so you buy them.  Then those tricky shoes start to give you a blister after about 30 minutes of wearing them but you can’t take them back because you have worn them!  Really?  Based on prior experience, now I try to only buy sandals that have been recommended by someone who actually has worn them and can vouch for their comfort.

LAMO is a really chic footwear company based just outside of LA.  Now you know they must be trendy if they are in LA!  The LAMO footwear is inspired by the breezy comfort and style of the beach with a bit if edginess sprinkled in!  LAMO has put a twist on comfort with their signature sheepskin which is in every pair of shoes.  If you are familiar with the UGG line, then you know how comfortable sheepskin is.  I am not talking about the cheap imitation Fugg (fake Ugg), I am talking about real Australian sheepskin from the softest sheep in town; Australia Merino sheep.
Cute Sandals For Summer

Cute Sandals For Summer

When I am shopping for shoes  during the warmer months, I look for cute sandals for summer.  As much as we want to be current with the latest styles, if they aren’t comfortable, they aren’t worth a darn. I was asked to review the Uptied sandal (retail $79.00) and boy is it cute!   Well, I am here to tell you that the sandals from LAMO are one of the most comfortable shoes my tootsies have ever had.  The strategic placement of the sheepskin under the heel is pure genius.  The leather around the back is so soft and pliable that you won’t see one blister on your feet from these awesome sandals.  I only wore them to the grocery store but in that short time, I must have gotten 10 compliments!  I cannot wait to get another few pairs of the awesome shoes!!

One winner will receive a pair of the Uptied Sandal (retail $79.00) in the Summer Splash Giveaway that begins on May 14th at 12:01am EST.

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