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Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil Giveaway

Tropical Traditions sent me a 32 ounce jar of Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil. I was a little unsure about how the coconut oil would taste, but I sure was suprised. The flavor is very light and almost sweet. You could eat it by the spoonful, and according to the book, Virgin Coconut Oil, that is just what you should do. In the book it states that coconut oil is benefical in more ways than one; it is antiviral, helps digestive health, lower cholesterol, increased energy levels and metabolism, and hypothyroidism. This is just to name a few.

I used it in baking, making smoothies, mock dairy-free icecream, and frying. You can even use it to soften your skin and as a sunscreen! I am very excited to use this Tropical Traditions Coconut oil more often to get the increased energy and increased metabolism!!
In addition to coconut oil, Tropical Traditions also carries a wide variety of coconut products, other healthy oils, cleaning products and environment friendly items.  This is a very informative and interesting video: “How We Discovered Virgin Coconut Oil – An Interview with Brian Shilhavy, CEO Tropical Traditions”

Tropical Traditions has a ton of sales going on right now, and you can find yummy recipes too! You can buy a pint for $19.95 or a quart for $29.50 or you can win a quart by filling out the Rafflecopter form below. Make sure you check them out on Twitter and Facebook!

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