I let my girlfriend review this awesome swaddler for me.  She had been having problems finding an easy to use, well-working swaddler, and the TrueWomb worked perfectly for her.  She said her little girl slept more soundly and longer when using the TrueWomb.  She believes it is because it stops the startle reflex, but whatever the reason she is happy for the extra sleep she gets!

  • Patent-pending design mimics the comforting form and function of the womb
  • SwaddleTech™ pouch allows baby’s legs to kick and stretch, returning them to the
    naturally desired fetal position while at rest
  • SecureSleeve™ escape-proof arm pockets allow up and down movement of the arms
  • ComfortWrap™ belt adjusts for growth and provides a gentle, snug fit
  • Two-stage system supports evolving swaddling needs as baby develops and grows
  • Lightweight, breathable, four-way stretch cotton fabric helps to prevent overheating
  • Improves quality of sleep by reducing the “startle reflex” and spontaneous arousals during sleep
  • Can reduce gastrointestinal colic symptoms and enhance feeding as a result of improved sleep
  • 100% money-back guarantee