My Cuddle Cover

Cuddle Cover which retails for $19.99 and if you purchase now, you can get a Mini Cuddle Covers buddy free with purchase. Cuddle Covers™ are available in six huggable animal buddies: Berry the Bear, Don the Dinosaur, Izzy the Unicorn, Kit the Cat, Louie the Lion,and Max the Dog. Made with hypo-allergenic and ultra-soft polyester with a similar texture to velvet, each cover is durable and can tumble through the wash and drying cycles to become squeaky-clean. Simply unzip the cover from the side, slip the Cuddle Covers™ buddy over a standard-sized pillow and voila, the plush playmate is magically born. As the perfect companion to all of life’s adventures ranging from playground fun to long trips across the country, Cuddle Covers™ have mastered the art of the ultimate snugly “bestie”.

My son Jakobi is a HUGE fan of dinosaurs, so it was not a hard pick when we saw Don the Dinosaur. He was thrilled to be able to pose for tons of pictures with his new buddy. He literally sat through an entire 30 minute photo session hugging and wrapping Don around him. It is stuffed with a pillow and is extremely soft and has become Jakobi’s best pal! The best feature for me is that it is easily disassembled and can withstand a time or two through the washer and dryer. When Jakobi just had a recent bout of the flu, Don was his buddy and took several yucky hugs and ended up in the wash daily! Follow @cuddlecovers on Twitter to keep up-to-date with new products!

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