Tween Skin Care Products

Tween Skin Care Products

Ottilie and Lulu offers Tween Skin Care Products that include botanicals and anti-oxidants which help protect a young girl’s skin and hair.  I wasn’t aware of this but 80% of damage that will be done to a girl’s skin and hair will happen before they reach 17.  I feel fortunate to have known at an early age to take care of my skin and hair and have passed that on to my two girls.  I have a family member whose skin was damaged a great deal from sun and tanning bed exposure and she looks 60 when in actuality, she is only 45!  This gave me the wakeup call I needed at a young age to protect my precious skin before it was too late.

Best Skin Care For Tweens

I have a 13 year old daughter and I decided she was at the perfect age to begin a good skin and hair care routine.  So the search for the best skin care for tweens was on. I don’t know if any moms with a teen girl have experienced the rebellion against good hygiene but I certainly have!!  I knew I would need to be creative in convincing my sweet girl to get into a good routine now.  Thankfully, thetween girl’s skin care package I received from Ottilie & Lulu was just what I needed to entice KittyKat into beginning her regiment.

We received the Tween Hair Care Products by Ottilie and Lulu”>Tween Essentials Collectionwhich came in an adorable organza bag.  The set includes 30 skin care Facial wipes, Everyday facial moisturizer with SPF 20 and the moisturizing lip ball with SPF 20.  The skin care facial wipes are easy to use disposable wipes that gently clean your face and neck; this is followed by the Everyday moisturizer and lip balm.  The moisturizer has a fresh scent but it so gentle on your skin and leaves it smooth and protected with the SPF 20 included.  My entire family suffers from severe chapped lips all year round so I was skeptical this lip balm would last for very long.  To my delight, the lip balm lasted for several hours and KittyKats lips were soft and moist.  For the 3 days since the package arrived, KittyKat has gotten up early for school so she can use her cool products.

Giving Back to the Community

Ottilie & Lulu offers a variety of products for your tween’s skin and hair.  The hair care line includes a shampoo and conditioner that is safe to use every day and is sold individually or as a set.  I love the travel set which includes the skin and hair care line (sans the facial wipes) and are in travel size containers and also come in the cute organza bag.  The products range in price from $10-14 as well as gift packs from $20-54.  What I especially love is that Ottilie & Lulu is giving back to the community with their partnership with KiDS of NYU Langone.  For every product you purchase from Ottilie & Lulu, you have an opportunity to purchase an additional like item which will be mailed directly to a child in the hospital who is in need.  What a wonderful program in which someone can easily participate in.

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