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The boys school is nearby our house, so in order to stay in shape, I walk them whenever possible. In a perfect world, the terrain between my house and the school would be nice, flat and smooth pavement. Well, unfortunately, it is anything but! The path we take is lined with dirt, grass and a few hills, so it is not exactly easy to navigate through. Normally, this would be an almost impossible task but with my Duallie side by side stroller from BOB, I have no problem getting through, around, and over the obstacles in our way. The reason I have no trouble is because the BOB Revolution SE Duallie was made for a busy mom like me. One day I am steering my way through the rough path to school and the next day I may hit the walking trail at the local park. The boys absolutely love climbing into the “orange rocket ship” (AKA The Duallie) and zooming off for a new adventure every day. I am seriously amazed at the terrain I can conquer with my Duallie. Check out this hill we go over to get to the lake with no problem at all. I love how I can stay fit by walking my boys back and forth to school. It is the main reason I wanted a rugged side by side. I feel safe walking on the side of the road instead of right on the main highway.

side by side stroller

A Side By Side Stroller From BOB

I certainly have my hands full with two young boys and they often come with me when I run errands. When I have a list of things to accomplish, I do not want to add stress to it by letting the boys walk next to me. Thank goodness I have a side by side stroller from BOB, the Revolution SE Duallie to fill that need.

This stroller is easy to steer with its swiveling front wheel, which you can lock when you are traveling over rougher ground. The handlebar is padded, which is really nice and there is a wrist strap I can use for added security. The Duallie is lightweight, folds very easily, is nicely padded so the boys are comfortable and if they get worn out, I can recline the seats and they can nap. I appreciate the storage basket underneath as well as the nice big pockets on the back of the seats as well as smaller pockets inside. The canopy easily adjusts to avoid getting sun, wind or rain on the boys. This stroller is literally a parents dream come true. Because the stroller can accommodate up to 110 pounds, and is built to last, it is the only stroller I will need. If you are wondering who BOB is, I will explain! BOB is the name for a bike trailer built by one of the founders of the company and it stuck. The bike trailer became really popular and when the owners began to add kids into the mix, they developed a lightweight but tough jogging stroller. Before long, a need for a double stroller was met and the company just kept adding fantastic products that we made well and were built with families in mind. You can purchase the Duallie for $659 as well as the other wonderful products from BOB online or at fine baby retailers nationwide.


  1. I learned that it can hold up to 110 pounds, is light weight and has plenty of storage!!

  2. I learned that you can lock the swiveling front wheel when you are traveling over rougher ground.

  3. I learned that it’s easy to steer, AND has a padded handlebar! 🙂 Always had a hard time steering strollers, my little sister’s was the worst….

  4. From this I learned that it can accommodate up to 110 pounds and it’s also lightweight and folds easily.

  5. learned that they have diff. types of strollers, side by side, steer easily, named after a trailer built by the owners

  6. I learned that BOB is the name for a bike trailer built by one of the founders of the company.

  7. I love all the storage they seem to have. And the idea that my kid can recline and nap on longer trips is just wonderful. With my next one on the way, this looks great. Will it work well for infants, or only after they are more mobile themselves?

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. I learned that they offer a side by side stroller and it has plenty of storage in it. Also, its lightweight which I think is very important.

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