Udder Covers sent me a Nursing Gift Set which I love.  The fabric is 100% cotton, very lightweight, breathable, and the stiff neckline allows me to be able to look down at Mason while I am breastfeeding.  Udder Covers have the cutest patterns to choose from.  In my nursing set they also sent me a Milk Band which I have to say is a very valuable tool for a forgetful Mommy.  You put the band on your wrist and it helps you to keep track of which side you are on, what time your baby ate, and for how long.  I wish I would have known about this right when Mason was first born.  This is a New Mommy must have!
You can win your chance at getting your own Udder Cover.  Just go to their site and pick out which one you would like, come back here, and comment.