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UKotex Preparing The Talkable Moments

If you aren’t sure how to approach the young woman in your life about her period, UKotex can get you started preparing the talk-able moments.  You may not be comfortable talking about the subject or you may not know where to begin.  Don’t worry!  That is why UKotex has designed their website to cover virtually every aspect of your period.  UKotex has their incredibly helpful and interactive website that will guide you through every step of this young lady’s big day.  Are you not sure when is the best time to start the talk or are you not sure you have all the information you need?  UKotex has included a very thorough range of ideas to help you get started with this important conversation.

If you visit Kotex online, you will see:  “Pick your day and prepare for the talk”.  Below that is a calendar that has automatically set a date for you to have your talk, which is 2 weeks from the date you first visit Kotex.  The middle tab above the calendar is “Start the conversation”.  Click on that and take a look at the list of items Kotex has provided to help you prepare for that talk.  The 3rd tab which reads “Questions she may ask” has a list of many questions your young lady may ask.  Once you have gone through both lists, you should have pretty much all the information you need.  What I found really helpful with these lists is that there are ideas you can use for a girl who may be shy and unsure of what to say as well as the girl who finds it easy to talk about anything.  This way you could design your talk around your child’s personality.

As suggested by Kotex, I made a “period kit” with a cute cosmetic bag I received from Kotex.  I filled it with a few Kotex pads, a fresh pair of underwear, Tylenol, a note for her teacher if she starts at school and a few wet wipes I put in a Ziploc baggie.  Caitlin has the bag in their locker, so if she starts at school, she will have everything she needs.  I actually made 3 of these kits so I could also have one in my car and one in my purse, so I knew I was completely covered no matter where we were.  The only place I could not put a kit was in my husband’s car.  Can’t imagine why!!

In order to choose the right product, Caitlin and I went to U by Kotex and clicked on the “Compare Products” on the front page.  We went through the tutorial and talked about tampons and pads and how to use each properly.  This online tool is so helpful.  After we finished online, we took a pair of panties and I demonstrated how to put the pad on.  We also talked about cramps because Caitlin was afraid it would hurt a lot.  I told her she may have cramps and if so, she had her Tylenol in her cosmetic bag.  We ended the conversation by talking about how important this day would be and that it marked the beginning of her being a woman.  We decided when she does start her period, we were going to get our nails done to celebrate!

I encourage you to visit the Kotex home page and make your lists so when the young lady in your life asks her questions; you will be ready to answer them all! Look for next month’s topic “Back to School”

I wrote this review while participating in a Brand Ambassador Campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of U by Kotex Tween and received products to facilitate my post and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.