[quote cite=’-Me’ align=’right’]I am going to my first UltraShape tomorrow to try out the new, clinically-proven, totally safe and effective body-shaping treatment. I am really excited to try UltraShape because you are supposed to get results rather quickly in 3 short 45 minute sessions.[/quote]

This blog post is part of a paid SocialMoms and UltraShape blogging program. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own. Remember when I was telling you about the UltraShape procedure and how excited I was to begin my journey in this post?


Then asked the question, “Will You Get Results From Your First Ultrashape Treatment” and answered yes because I lost a half an inch. I knew the results should keep coming in after my final appointment. I have a fairly active lifestyle and can be found kayaking, hula hooping, doing yoga and padding on my SUP on  a regular basis. I eat well, mostly fresh foods and drink plenty of water. With the travelling season upon us, it was nice to have the UltraShape procedure to help me stay on track with my dietary goals. Whenever I wanted a cookie or was too tired to exercise I would remind myself to keep on keeping on so I would glean the best possible results.

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[quote align=’left’]UltraShape is a clinically-proven, totally safe and effective body-shaping treatment. I was excited to try UltraShape because you are supposed to get rather painless results in 3 short 45 minute sessions. I went to the Baumann Cosmetic & Research Institute in Miami and had Sonia as my tech.[/quote]I was looking forward to see my results as the other girls on the blogging campaign have had great results. It is interesting to note the more water you drink, you can flush out the fat cells that were targeted, and that sometimes this would happen over months. I am confident after time I will see real results as I drink more water and my body releases the fat destroyed by the procedure. Next post will show my final results! Make sure to check back!!

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