Brio2As children, there are a number of things we do at our parents request. We go to bed, eat, bathe and brush our teeth as part of our daily routine. As we get older, we learn to appreciate those routines as well as why they are so important for our health. Many people are unaware of the dangers of not brushing, or not brushing well can do to your dental health. The issues can range from swollen and irritated gums to brain damage from infections stemming from your mouth. If you have wondered if there were any advantages of using an ultrasonic toothbrush over a manual brush, you are in good company. Here is some valuable information I discovered on the subject:

5 Reasons To Use An Ultrasonic Toothbrush

  1. Speed: A sonic toothbrush gives an average stroke between 30,000-40,000. A manual brush can only afford up to approximately 300 strokes per minute.
  2. Comfort: A sonic toothbrush is easier to use for anyone with dexterity issues like arthritis.
  3. Gums: The sonic toothbrush is able to massage your gums better, therefore making them healthier.
  4. Reduced Build Up: A sonic toothbrush reduces plaque and gingivitis both short and long term over a manual toothbrush.
  5. Reduced Bacteria: Use of a sonic toothbrush has shown to be more effective in reducing bacteria and germs. This in turn reduces the occurrences of periodontal disease.

Just as a sonic toothbrush is important for superior dental health, choosing the right one is equally important. The sonic toothbrushes from Brio are reliable, affordable and built to tackle that stubborn plaque! They not only clean, but they brighten your teeth with their 100% ultrasonic technology. The Brio brushes offer 31 thousand oscillations per minute, which is absolutely extraordinary! The Brio Smartclean sonic toothbrush, which retails for $68 on the Brio website. The kit comes with the Brio Hand piece, with a six week battery life. I love this, it clears up clutter on your bathroom counter and of course it’s just one less thing to pack for those not so long trips. A 110 volt charger, 2 year warranty, 2 brush heads and an optional subscription brush head replacement program. as an added bonus, if you subscribe to the brush head replacement program, you will receive a 15% product discount. This kit gives you everything you need for a successful dental care routine.

With their ultrasonic technology, you get those thousands of  oscillations per minute. These ultrasonic impulses can get to the damaging bacteria and germs where regular bristles cannot reach. Their unique ultra-sonic cleaning removes plaque, tartar, food scraps and impurities better than other toothbrushes. They also remove everyday stains within a few days, so there is no need for bleaching or strong chemicals  It reduces inflammation, bleeding gums and periodontitis, which is painful and expensive to treat. When you use the Brio cleaning system, it also leaves you with fresh clean teeth for up to 12 hours! You can your Brio SmartCleanat their website, Amazon, or by entering the Giveaway Tools Widget below.

Do you use an ultrasonic toothbrush, and if so, what do you like best about it?

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  1. I have wondered how good these are to use and it sounds like this is great. I need to keep my teeth nice and white and healthy too.

  2. i need to up my dental hygiene game. i use a regular toothbrush now and it doesnt cut it.

  3. I believe my daughter would like this toothbrush since she doesn’t really like manual brushes very well.

  4. I have always wanted a sonic toothbrush. My old school toothbrush doesn’t seem to be the best way to brush my teeth

  5. This looks like what I need to help whiten my teeth and reduce plaque build up. I like the cool technology on it too.

  6. I like that the Sonic Toothbrush gives an average stroke between 30,000-40,000. It has a lot of great features!

  7. I would love to have a sonic toothbrush I think it would help keep my teeth and mouth cleaner than a regular toothbrush.

  8. I really appreciate the stain removal aspect. I would love to whiten my teeth, but am uncomfortable with the idea of bleaching trays, or putting harsh chemicals on my teeth.

  9. I use an electronic toothbrush currently – I wouldn’t switch back to a normal brush if you paid me.

  10. I usually usually stick to regular toothbrushes, but it would be nice to use an automatic one. this sonic toothbrush also seems to have more benefits, so I would love to try it!

  11. I am looking for a new power toothbrush. Your review is helpful because I have not even heard of this brand.

  12. I think I may finally be turning the corner…ever so slowly…on switching from a manual toothbrush to an electric one. I like to be able to control the brushing of my teeth myself. Although, I know that the electric brush would do a better job!

  13. I have never tried a sonic toothbrush before. This sounds wonderful and easy on the teeth. Those thousands of oscillations per minute on the teeth must make you teeth feel like you just left a dentists office.

  14. I use a sonic toothbrush and love it. I like your recipe post, and would like to try your Italian Cheese Stuffed Meatloaf

  15. The tooth brush helps to get rid of a lot of bad things. I like that it can get
    rid of more bacteria than a manual toothbrush.

  16. I switched to a sonic tooth brush a while back, and ever since then, NO tooth problems at all. I floss too, and get sterling reviews from the dental hygienist! I have been buying these for all the grandkids, and still have more to go, I hope I win this one!

  17. My dentist has told me for years to get a sonic brush cause they are the best. I may now get a chance to just mean what he is talking about…I hope!

  18. I love your blog, especially the gift ideas for father’s day, there are so many great ideas I never thought of, and I really need a sonic toothbrush, excellent information about dental hygiene

  19. I use an electric toothbrush and feel that I can reach all areas of my teeth and that this type of toothbrush cleans your teeth better than a manual.

  20. We use ultrasonic toothbrushes, and find it so much better – we can’t dream of going back to a manual one. The best part is that they are so easy for people with arthritis to use!

  21. My Dentist highly recommends a sonic toothbrush because of the speed and the cleaning benefits

  22. I used to have a sonic toothbrush until it wore out after years of use. I’m ready for another one.

  23. I’m currently using a manual toothbrush, but my dentist has been recommending that I start using an ultrasonic toothbrush.

  24. I like the fact that it would reduce plaque and tartar, since I have yellowish teeth that I’d like to deal with naturally. Also, massaging the gums sounds really good!

  25. I currently use an electric toothbrush, but mine is not near as nice as this toothbrush. I personally love electric toothbrushes and would find it difficult to return to a manual brush.

  26. I used to have an electric toothbrush and I loved it, but I never replaced it when it died. I didn’t realize it was so much better than a regular toothbrush. I’d like to get one.

  27. The ultrasonic toothbrush sounds awesome. Cleans better and faster than a regular toothbrush.

  28. I used to have a sonicare but it bit the dust a couple of years ago and I never replaced it. I’d love to have an ultrasonic brush again. I have pretty bad sensitivity and for some reason it was always better when I used that brush on a regular basis. I LOVE that this one has a 6 week battery life, I’m totally guilty of forgetting to charge things. 🙂

  29. I have never used an electric toothbrush, I think i would enjoy the speed it would seem much cleaner to me.

  30. I don’t use a sonic toothbrush but I’d like to. This looks like a great sonic toothbrush – I like that the handle is not huge. I drink a lot of coffee, too much, and it stains badly at the gum line, as well as between my teeth. I like the small head which requires you to concentrate on a small area.

  31. Ultrasonic toothbrushes are a MUST for those suffering from arthritis! You’ll never go back to a regular toothbrush once you’ve tried an Ultrasonic one!

  32. I love that the Sonic Toothbrush gives an average stroke between 30,000-40,000. A manual brush can only afford up to approximately 300 strokes per minute.

  33. I have used an electric toothbrush for years and cannot say enough good things about them. They last for years and really clean the teeth!

  34. The 5 reasons for using Ultrasonic Toothbrush are all important. For myself, especially the Comfort – due to arthritis, this would definitely help. I also like the speed factor that the Ultrasonic Toothbrush offers.

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